Lying Game Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed? Plus: The First Six Episode Titles

The dawn of the new year will bring the new season of The Lying Game, Alloy Entertainment, which produces the series with Warner Horizon, announced on Friday.

Although ABC Family maintained to TVLine that a date has not yet been set, Alloy said that Season 2 of the switching, swapping twins tale — which for so long was tagged for a vague “winter” return — will kick off Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013, marking a nearly 10-month hiatus for the drama. ( first picked up on the stealthy premiere date reveal. UPDATE: Alloy’s announcement has since been taken down.)

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Alloy also disclosed the titles for the first six episodes, as follows:

“The Revengers” (which jibes with what Charisma Carpenter told us about Season 2; see link above)

“Cheat, Play, Love” (a literary riff that flies right over the head of the young ABCF viewer)

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“Advantage Sutton” (I sense a… tennis motif?)

“A Kiss Before Lying” (not to be confused with the Smallville headline I once wrote, “A Kiss Before Flying” — gold, I tell ya. Granted, the Clois smooch ended up getting scrapped, but…. Wait, why are we rehashing that dark moment?!)

“Much Ado About Everything” (can’t ever go wrong with the Bard, kids)

“Catch Her in the Lie” (another literary nod! Raise your hand if you remember Sunny the prostitute!)

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Can you wait another four months — if Alloy, which produces The Lying Game, has it right, that is — to catch up with Sutton, Emma, Rebecca et al?