Exclusive Video: Inbetweeners Goes Clubbing!

Ever wonder what a night on the town looks like for The Inbetweeners? We have an exclusive glimpse at next Monday’s installment of MTV’s new comedy (airing at 10:30/9:30c) that answers that exact question.

In the episode, titled “The Wrong Box,” the geek-adjacent guys decide to go clubbing. Jay, per uje, has the situation down pat — he’s even doling out his definition of “Club Code” to the gang at random. But it’s Will’s reaction to the festivities that really sums up the evening: “This is it,” he says upon entering the pretty average looking party, “the first day of the rest of our lives.”

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Press PLAY below to watch the clip, and then boogie down to the comments with your thoughts. Reminder: You can also catch an encore of this week’s Inbetweeners tonight at 11:30 pm, following MTV’s One Direction special at 11 pm.

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