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Glee Video Sneak Peeks: Rachel Gets Dissed and Meets the New (Nude!) Guy in Her Life

School’s almost back in session, Glee fans, and here’s your first homework assignment. Watch these two new video sneak peeks and then hit the comments with your thoughts about how the Fox hit’s upcoming season — which bows Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9/8c — will play out.

In the first clip, NYADA dance diva Cassandra July (played by Kate Hudson) takes a befuddled David Schwimmer Rachel to task for her “pathetic” pique turns and her “stuck-up little attitude.”

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In the second, many familiar faces — including Lea Michele, Darren Criss and Kevin McHale — preview what’s on tap for Season 4. (Rachel’s meet-nude with Brody, played by Terra Nova‘s Dean Geyer, is a standout.) You’ll also hear from new cast members Melissa Benoist (as wide-eyed Marley Rose), Jacob Artist (Puck’s half-brother Jake) and Becca Tobin (Cheerio Kitty). McHale sums the newbies up well: “They’re beautiful, they’re talented and they’re hot.”

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Watch both, then make your opinions known!