Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Deleted Season 8 Scene Features Jackson, Mark and 'Wax Play'

Remember the time Grey’s Anatomy‘s Mark (played by Eric Dane) updated Jackson (Jesse Williams) on his love life, as the latter extricated wax fragments from a patient’s nether regions?

No? That’s because the moment of “bromantic” bonding was surgically excised from the ABC drama’s Season 8 Valentine’s Day episode, “All You Need Is Love” — but we’ve got it right here.

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Those who recall the episode know that Mark’s date for the evening, Julia, bailed on him and his treasure trove of romantic treats in favor of a primo surgery. Here, you’ll see how Sloan got that bad news. You’ll also get a “hot” sex tip from Avery, as relayed to his “playful” patient.

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The DVD set Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Eighth Season goes on sale Sept. 4. Season 9 premieres Thursday, Sept. 27.

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