Exclusive White Collar Video: Neal Cuts a Deal With Treat Williams Behind [Spoiler]'s Back!

Neal is getting closer to the truth about his dad (and the identity of Ellen’s killer) on White Collar. But as you can see from this exclusive sneak at Tuesday’s episode (USA Network, 9/8c), first he has to convince Treat Williams’ Sam, a former undercover officer, to let him in on his plan to obtain some key evidence. And that will require one very big compromise: The FBI — Peter included — can’t be involved.

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The concession might be worth it in the end because, as Matt Bomer tells us, Sam is “the only other person that Neal is aware of who knew his father, and knew all the ins and outs of why his father was convicted of murder.”

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with an answer to this rhetorical question: Will this move get Neal in trouble with Peter?

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