Fall TV Preview

Hot Video: First Castle Season 5 Promo Shows the Morning After 'The Night of Their Lives'

There’s only one question to ask after you watch (…and rewatch) the first promo for Castle Season 5.

“So, you liked it?”

Granted, it’s a rhetorical question, but we’ll go ahead and assume your answer echoes Rick’s: Yeah.

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ABC on Monday night unveiled its first look at the afterglow of “the night of their lives,” and it hit all the right notes: playful, romantic, sexy, a dash of danger, one of Kate’s megaboots kicking open a door and, for good measure, Jack Coleman smiling from a campaign poster.

FALL TV PREVIEW | As Castle Explores ‘Pure, Raw’ Emotions, ‘The Fun and Conflict Only Escalate’

Here now is the too-short clip, courtesy of the fast-working, industrious folks at YouTube.com/TelevisionPromos. (Oh, almost forgot: Castle‘s new season premieres Monday, Sept. 24 on ABC.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. DEAD! I AM DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Melissa says:

    AMAZING!!! I’m still shaking.. love this show

  3. Ella says:

    Okay…yep….rewatching it over and over again

    Can it PLEASE be September now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Looks like an awesome start to Season 5!

  4. Alex says:

    I… need to throw a glass of ice cold water on me right about now. I’ve re-watched this so many times already. XD

  5. Melanie says:


  6. There’s no way the fandom will still be alive in 4 weeks. Just not possible.

  7. Love it….hate that it’s too short but I’ll take what I can!

  8. Jesse says:

    Well looks like Castle’s turning into garbage this season, which is sad because the first couple of seasons were the best things I’ve seen. It’s sad that the show ventures into crap like this for god knows what. Last season was a disappointment and it looks like this season will probably be the same. Why do great shows turn into such crap in the later seasons; hopefully this is the last season for Castle.

    • Amanda says:

      It’s a 20 second clip about the first episode of the season … how are you getting an entire season of crap?

    • Lauren says:

      Whose turn was it to bring the bag of Troll Chow? LOL

      • Jesse says:

        So just because I don’t like what they’re leading into means I’m a troll. Gee thanks. It’s my opinion, just because it doesn’t jive with you doesn’t mean I’m a troll. LOL

        • Shaun says:

          It’s called natural progression…..deal with it.It’s not exactly a new plotline,he’s been after her since season 1!!

          • Lynn says:

            you are right Shaun but please realize people like jesse are just trying to pull your chain. Probably never was a fan of the show and never will be..just has nothing better to do then to run down something they can’t understand and try to get a reaction…More to be pitied then laughed at!!

        • You do have a right to your opinion, but I think that you went a little too far when you criticized the show the way you did. The majority of us are Castle lovers and we take offense when our beloved show is called “crap!” IMO, we are all looking forward to many more years of Castle. Not everyone is going to like the show, but at least we should be considerate of those that do, and not be offensive. I hope you give the show another chance… I think, IMO, that you might be pleasantly surprised with what S5 has to offer.

        • Shane says:

          Nah, I’d say it was the “hopefully this is the last season” line that did you in.
          Why does it matter to you? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
          Like me, with Bones. That show is embarrassingly unwatchable now. So you know what I don’t do? Watch it. Seems like kind of a waste of energy to wish for something to end when you can just ignore it instead.

          • tp says:

            “Like me, with Bones. That show is embarrassingly unwatchable now. So you know what I don’t do? Watch it.”

            This is exactly how I feel about Bones. I really used to love that show but now…not so much. I don’t comment on it when there are spoilers because I don’t want to rain on everyone’s parade. Quite a few tings bug me but mostly it’s Bones and Boothe. Castle on the other hand…..LOVE IT!!!

        • MelindaB says:

          Deeming an entire season “crap” based on a seconds-long clip, and wishing for a show to end, is trollish. I assume that nobody is tying you down and forcing you to watch the show, so what difference does it make to you whether the show continues? It’s one thing to watch a show that you dislike in the hopes that it gets better *cough*Bones*cough* but for the most part, when I quit liking a show–Desperate Housewives, Grey’s, House–I just quit watching.

    • cynthia says:


    • beckstle says:

      You should probably stick to sitcoms and straight up procedurals – they don’t do story progression. You can watch variations of the same story for years.

    • Ashley says:

      You’re entitled to your opinion and mine is if you don’t like it, change the channel. I don’t grey’s or the dark knight but you don’t see me on here or any where else talking about something I don’t like. But I am curious to see where this season goes. And like the fact that Beckett’s kicking down a door. I’m looking forward to it.

  9. Ela says:

    So exciiiiiteeeeed! :D

  10. Angela says:

    And Castle fans everywhere almost fainted during that promo. The only bad thing about it was I just wanted MORE!!! OMG why is it not Sept. 24 yet!!!!!!

  11. juniper says:


  12. Molly says:

    Lol..reminds me of Bones when he said “So it wasn’t a dream.” Unlike Bones, no it was not a dream at the end of Season 4, unlike Brennan and Booth!

    • Jean says:

      Bones waited a long time and Castle jumped the gun. Don’t hate. I like both shows, but I am at heart a Boner :D

      • Elle says:

        I do not think Castle jumped the gun. With Castle, viewers have seen the whole story and have seen everything play out. With Bones, I just feel chapters were skipped over. Looking forward to the new season of Castle.

        • Klover says:

          I completely agree with you, Elle. I don’t know how anyone that watched from day 1 would think things were moving too fast. It was TIME. I do love how people are underestimating the show – just watch, the fun is just beginning :D

        • Jennifer says:

          That is main reason I stopped watching Bones. In avoiding some so-called tv curse Bones took the romance completely out of the equasion and screwed up. I’m not saying chemistry isn’t there but when I’ve tried watching I feel like someone switched the sweetener. At least Castle is daring to travel the journey, if it bombs and I doubt it will, they will fix.

      • eve says:

        Bones waited a long time…until no one really cared anymore. Yeah, definitely the better way to do it…../sarcasm

      • beckstle says:

        Yep, clearly you are mostly a Bones girl. Aside from them having had a will they/won’t they couple who solve crimes, Bones and Castle are completely different shows. Just off the bat, Bones is a forensic show and Castle is a cop drama. Booth is an alpha male with a bluecollar background, Castle is a type-B metrosexual who grew up with money. Then there’s the narratives…

        Anyway, we’re all entitled to our on opinions, even minority ones. Every major critic has been thrilled (and shocked) that Castle didn’t drag out the relationship further, and Bones got slammed in season SIX for doing so. Then there was the split fanbase when Bones tosses B&B together – which you didn’t get to see the start of. (I’m not even talking about sex, try clearing the air of all the stuff with Hannah and Booth’s behavior and why Brennan needed to leave at the end of season 5.) Oh, there are also the ratings. All things considered there is a strong likelihood that your opinion about Castle jumping the gun is in the minority. Judging by the comments today – I’d bet money on it. :)

      • MelindaB says:

        I disagree that Castle jumped the gun–when show runners play up the “will they, won’t they” angle, and then ignore it for long stretches or manufacture flimsy roadblocks, people get impatient due to lack of progression. They didn’t make a move until 4 seasons in; do many people wait 4 years to pursue a romantic interest?

      • maryploppins says:

        If waiting 4 YEARS to hook up is “jumping the gun”, then I don’t want to live in a world where anyone takes things at a “normal” pace … the average age for getting married would be 85 years old.

  13. tlc19 says:

    Ummm. yeah. So exactly how many days away is this premiere? And I have I ever been this excited to see a show come back in the fall? And just how gorgeous is Stana Katic this season? (PS those answer in order – way too many, no never, and oh, so very.)

  14. megshells says:

    Sqeeeeeee to the nth degree!!!

  15. MelindaB says:

    I don’t like to wish away time, but…can it be Sept. 24 tomorrow?

  16. Luu says:


  17. Kate says:

    WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That’s honestly all I’ve got right now- Except maybe YIIIIIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!! (And just for good measure, I’ll also throw in a HOLY CRAP and a HECK YEAH!)

  18. Klover says:

    Way too short of a clip, but full BLISS! Love the hair porn (was thinking it’d be similar to Linchpin hair after her car took a swim), and cuteness. Also loved how it looked like they were going for more with him undoing the shirt she put on (his shirt, I’m guessing ;) )

    Kinda chuckled a ‘lil bit at Nathan being covered up past his manboobs with the sheet. Weird but funny.

    I’m so excited to see what Marlow and gang gift us with this year – it has been the longest.hiatus.ever. Cannot wait!

    • rachelle says:

      -_- Nate looks good. if this were real life, it wouldn’t matter if he wasn’t crazy ripped. he’s still attractive! there are a lot of shows w/ characters that don’t have perfect bodies! i just hope people’s judgments hasn’t made Nate feel weird about being “naked” on camera.

      • Klover says:

        I guess I should have said “pectoral area”. That better? It was still funny, but weird. Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a scene where a guy has the sheet conspicuously at that level. At least he’s not wearing a shirt! Which I *have* seen on shows :/

        • Lauren says:

          LOL. Not sure they’re covering him up on purpose. I mean, it’s not like we see much of Beckett uncovered, either (though, granted, the network has to be more careful when showing female actresses from the waist up…). It might just be the way they cut the promo? I think he looks really good in the clip, regardless. Can’t wait for 9/24!

          • Klover says:

            It just looks awkward. It has to be purposeful, which baffles me because I agree with you, he looks good from what we do see.

          • Katherine215 says:

            And it’s only literally a second or two of that scene. It kinda looks like the sheet’s coming down as he sits up, maybe it slips as the scene progresses.

      • zaza says:

        Heck, if Will Ferrell can show his naked, gooshy tummy (and butt) in every movie he makes, I don’t know what Nathan has to feel weird about. And his smile was adorable.

        • rachelle says:

          lol! good point. I figured that he might feel weird cause everyone’s judging him. But like I said, he looks damn good to me. And his smile is adorable!

        • Klover says:

          Zaza, I love your comments, they crack me up! Not kidding. I totally agree with you! The smile was freaking adorable – played so well. Can’t wait to see more.

    • beckstle says:

      Could be FCC issues. Remember, this isn’t cable. Once upon a time (not the show) a couple couldn’t kiss unless one foot was on the floor. They have all kinds of weird stipulations.

      • Klover says:

        Yeah, they do, but you really think they’d stipulate the sheet be way above his waist like that? LOL, he’s male. Anyways, this is all for naught, probably, because another poster pointed out that it’s a short promo and it looked like he sat up quickly like that and the sheet was starting to slip, so who knows… I can see that scenario being more likely to play out. Otherwise I’ll stick to it being weird and awkward. Regardless, the scene is full of bliss, like I said :)

  19. Maryam says:


  20. tahina says:

    Nice one, but bet was even better for them! :)

  21. tahina says:

    Did I mention I love Beckett’s face? ;)

  22. nick1372 says:

    I knew I wouldn’t be dissapointed when I came on TV Line at 11:50 at night! Thanks :-D

  23. april-ann says:

    Okay so, I’m not dead, I just CAN even….breathe, I’m not shaking, I’m not rewatching over and over again, I’m not throwing a glass of ice cold water on me right now and I’m not throwing myself out a window. But I will admit I’m looking forward to this season if not *gasp* excited. The most shining aspect of Beckett for me is her interaction with Alexis (what few there have been, have been stellar). Keep ’em coming.

  24. Yay a glimpse of Jack Coleman! The campaign poster excited me, haha!

  25. Amy says:


  26. Savvy says:

    Awwwwww Caskett finally happened!!!!!!!!!

  27. kaylee says:

    Oh how I have missed this show this summer, and this promo only makes the wait worse. Hold on guys we are almost there.

  28. Ash says:


  29. Ash says:


  30. Lilu says:

    the internet imploded today, castle madness all over the place !! BEST FANDOM EVER !!!!

  31. Lucy says:

    well that’s awkward… awkward being that they have to cover nathan in sheets. hahaha LULZ. geez, for a second i thought he was the chick in bed. i mean dude c’mon just show us your manboobs stop hiding behind the sheets. haha. oh well it’s nathan’s choice i guess.

    • Jade says:

      You are defiantly right, but just remember this is a 20 second promo, who knows what we’ll see in the WHOLE episode! After all he did show his ass in firefly (correct me if I’m wrong):P He looks so hot this season! I’m glad to see a healthier Nathan Fillion:)

    • beckstle says:

      Could be an FCC choice. No naked chest in a bed. They have alot of strange rules.

  32. Hugo says:

    Breathless. Clip. Ever!!! Go, Caste, go!!!

  33. Joy says:

    plot twist: castle was dreaming when he said it was not a dream.

  34. Astrid says:

    Omg!! I just can’t wait.. I love Bones and Castle (mostly Bones). But omg I’m so exited for Castle to start right now, as I am for Bones <3 <3

  35. Missy says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! I can’t breathe!!!!

  36. Jenn says:

    Can it be the 24th already??? OMG and I thought I couldn’t be any more excited for this to come back then I was.. DAYYYYUUUUUMMMMMM

  37. Lauren says:

    Yay!!! What a great promo! So exciting. I do find it rather amusing, however, that Beckett always seems to wake up each season with her hair a shade lighter. Looks good, though.

  38. Maria says:

    Stana and Nathan both look gorgeous!! I’m so glad I dvr’d Headhunters last night, so I can rewatch this promo over and over on my big-screen tv. That should hold me over til Sept 24th.

  39. soxfan says:

    SO loving this promo!!!! They are so hot together – in OR out of bed!!! Looking forward to S5 – just five weeks away!!!

  40. Diana says:

    I can’t stop watching it.AWESOME!

  41. Krithika says:

    Anyone here talks again about Nathan’s man boobs is gonna face the wrath of me and Beckett’s gun! My personal message to these so-called “boob busters”: Kindly shut up.

    • Cassie says:


    • rachelle says:

      AGREED. If it wasn’t for my respect for TvLine or Matt or just the fact that I’m not a childish person, I would seriously rip into these people. I bet that the people judging are either less attractive or with someone less attractive than Nathan! He looks good! He doesnt need to have The Rock’s body to be attractive! And with these jerks posting this junk all over the internet, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nathan read something negative. Which is messed up! I wish people would get the heck over themselves. Guys with ripped bodies aren’t the only ones who fall in love!

      • Krithika says:

        AMEN to that. Really you self implied fitness freaks don’t have to watch the show if you keep saying Nathan is unattractive. It’s totally unfair to judge an actor based on appearances. Sincerely hope a few people here get that.

  42. Lisa says:

    Yep, I am VERY excited!!!

  43. Gretchen says:

    How ORIGINAL. The male/female leads of a show fall into bed.

    • Amy says:

      Before I started watching (about a year ago now) I too considered the show to be an original re-do of so many other series… But as I said that was only BEFORE I started watching it.
      Although the general idea has been told before, never has it been done with such finesse and skill. The characters, right from their first meeting, were undoubtably destined to be with each other. It was clear to me that this was how the show would always go. I cannot be more pleased with how the storyline has actually presented itself.
      Also, they did not just “fall into bed”. Both characters have admitted and acknowledged their love for the other.
      Finally, this show was always set as a grande love story. Andrew Marlowe, the creator, based Castle and Beckett on himself and his wife. The show becomes a retelling of their own unique love story.
      Maybe you should try watching it before making assumptions. I am happy to say, I have never been happier to be proved wrong.

    • chris says:

      LOL THIS!

    • zaza says:

      It may not be original but it is certainly natural. I’d rather the leads do the expected thing than have the writers throw in a bunch of ridiculous obstacles in an attempt to be “original.”

    • beckstle says:

      The male and female leads fall in bed and start a relationship in the normal course of the story instead of when the ratings are falling and the show is desperate. That IS a pretty original concept. :)

    • Audrey says:

      You don’t watch TV at all, do you? Every show out there have their leads fall in an out of bef all the time. The difference is how the creators handle it.

  44. Andrea says:

    This is beyond what I was hoping for! I can’t even count the number of times I’ve watched it. Thank goodness for Andrew Marlowe, a showrunner that actually knows how to run a show! Can’t wait for September 24th, season 5 is going to be amazing. And Stana and Nathan both look fabulous!

  45. mm says:

    That was not even close to being long enough. *Reaches for the replay button*

  46. Alex says:

    I. CAN’T. WAIT. *_*

  47. zaza says:

    Just one thing, why would Beckett ask him if he liked it? Wouldn’t she…um…know? lol!

    • Andrea says:

      She’s nervous! Taking that step with her partner and the person she’s been in love with for awhile is huge for her, and scary!

      • TheRandomObserver says:

        Bet the subject of her question was the pancakes she made for Castle. That would explain why he woke up in bed alone, and where she was. They are a way of saying “thank you.” She wouldn’t be asking about the joint activities the night before; it’s not on HBO or Cinemax.

        • Andrea says:

          I’m hoping she brings him coffee, since his speech in the finale talked about why him bringing her coffee just to make her smile! But I’m sure nothing I imagine will be as good as what actually happens!

    • Lynn says:

      remember this is a teaser!! I bet she isnt even talking about their night together. You are so right…Beckett would never ask such a question if she was talking about their making out…she would know. Remember season 1 when Castle said it was too bad she wouldn;t get together with him” cause ” it would be great” and she said ‘YOU HAVE NO IDEA”!! She is very sure of herself in that department no doubt!!