Why Didn't Runway Auf Ven? Should Bunheads Keep Its Ghost? A Glee Mystery? And More Qs!

NewsroomWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Newsroom, Political Animals, Bunheads, Project Runway and Glee!

1 | How fantastic has The Newsroom‘s Lisa turned out to be? When first introduced, she seemed like little more than a superficial foil for her journalistic roommate, Maggie. But in this week’s episode, girlfriend stepped up! She schooled Jim about choosing her only because Maggie was unavailable, then held Will accountable — on live TV — for the media’s lopsided coverage of child abuse and abduction cases. (We’re choosing to overlook the fact that she let herself be talked into giving Harper another shot. Hey, nobody’s perfect.)

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2 | If Political Animals scores a Season 2, who would you have preferred as Elaine’s opponent: Garcetti or Collier? Doesn’t the latter seem like an easier target? And was the president of France just being a realist when she alluded to Garcetti’s wife as a widow?

3 | How awesome was it to see Falling Skies‘ Red-Eye endeavor to kick the snot out of the Overlord? Where does the line form to smack tough-talking Karen? Why not reveal Anne’s pregnancy to us there in the weapon chamber? And was anyone a tad let down to see that the new alien has the face of a kindly pug? Also, doesn’t his space suit remind you of Prometheus?

4 | True Blood‘s action-packed penultimate hour — best episode of the season? Also, how do we feel about a Pam-and-Tara pairing? They make better frenemies than lovers, dontcha think?

5 | Didn’t Skyler’s almost-confession to Marie on Breaking Bad feel a little contrived? After all she has done to protect her children, she considers spilling the beans to Hank’s unhinged wife?! And did Jesse’s dinner-table monologue make you think twice about heating up some “scabby” frozen lasagna this week?

Bunheads6 | Did Alan Ruck’s appearance in the Bunheads summer finale make you wish he’d show up more often — a la the dead-but-still-kicking Lynda on Providence? And how tempted are you to put together your own “zombie apocalypse Vegas slut bag” — minus the pretty mace?

7 | Really, Brock Lesnar? You “retire” via Tout? No matter, we’ll see you at Wrestlemania.

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8 | How come ABC hasn’t considered hiring ridiculous/hilarious Bachelor Pad evictee Erica Rose to provide bitchy color commentary to break up ad blocs during regular seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette?

Web Therapy Conan O'Brien9 | Wasn’t Conan O’Brien’s totally insecure, possibly violent version of himself on this week’s Web Therapy one of the funniest celebrity self-parodies on television ever? And who wants to sign the petition to see Conan and Andy in a group-therapy session with Dr. Wallice in Season 3?

10 | Can all librarians please look like White Collar guest star Mircea Monroe? Also, Neal in a sweater cardigan: Even hotter than Neal in a suit?

11 | Dear L.A. Complex: Can we go back to the Kal and Tariq storyline?

12 | Who felt old when it was revealed that Alex Mack has a kid on Pretty Little Liars?

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13 | Is anyone watching The Week the Women Went? Is it wrong that we want to shake these spoiled, tantrum-throwing kids and some of their parents?

14 | Can the next edition of Terence Wong’s hospital docuseries — and there better be another season! — also be set in New York like NY Med so we can get more of this cute doc?

15 | True, So You Think You Can Dance‘s fabulous Eliana hasn’t been able to fully showcase her skills due to her undertrained partner Cyrus, but wasn’t this week’s opening group number — which was pretty much an extended solo that relegated the other nine contestants to supporting-player status — a wee bit of overkill on the part of Uncle Nigel & Co.?

Rookie Blue16 | How messed up, yet delicious and complicated, is Dov’s storyline on Rookie Blue this season?

17 | Which is worse: That Project Runway‘s Ven is a misogynistic, curves-hating douchebag, or that he felt perfectly OK publicly and privately dogging his “real woman” model throughout this week’s challenge? Also, are Heidi Klum and the show’s producers completely tone-deaf to the fact that auffing Ven would’ve been the most satisfying (possibly Emmy-worthy) moment of reality TV this year, or do they value his villain potential so much that they just couldn’t let him go?

18 | Remind us again, why isn’t Ingo Rademacher on contract with General Hospital? His reunion scene with Laura Wright’s Carly on Thursday was better than just about everything else on Daytime this week.

19 | We love MTV’s new comedy The Inbetweeners, but it must be asked: In what world would Joey Pollari and Bubba Lewis be considered anything other than studly?

Suits Elisabeth Hower20 | Didn’t Tess on Suits look like Donna’s doppelganger?!

21 | Could the CIA desk jockey who assisted Burn Notice‘s Michael, Sam et al this week have been any more of a “red shirt”? All that was missing was the nickname “Dead Meat” and a phone call to his expectant wife.

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22 | Everyone’s making a big deal that Quinn’s missing from Glee‘s Season 4 cast shot, but what about Emma?! Couple her absence in the key art with buzz that the show is pulling back on “Wemma” this season and we’re obsessively, compulsively freaking out.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!