Bachelor Pad Photo Recap: American Horror Story

Bachelor Pad is definitely the worst thing to happen on television in the last 24 hours (if not 24 months), and yet not only am I recapping it, I’ve taken a rooting interest in which of its bedraggled, hard-drinking cast members wins the $250,000 cash prize and/or “love.”

Last night’s episode found teammates Blakeley and Tony winning the respective women’s and men’s tea-cup race challenges, and extending immunity to Kalon and Jaclyn. In a surprise twist clearly designed to keep woman-hating ogre Chris in the competition, the rules were changed, with every contestant voting to eliminate one woman. That woman then would singlehandedly choose a male cast member to get ousted with her.

After Erica Rose learned Michael spearheaded a secret campaign to axe her (in the hopes she’d blame Chris and take him down, too), she exacted her revenge on the power player/Season 2 champ. Which leaves us with Chris-Sarah, Tony-Blakeley, Kalon-Lindzi, Nick-Rachel, and Ed-Jaclyn. (I know, I know, you lost interest halfway through that sentence.)

Everything else you need to know is captured in the fine art of the screengrab. So click through the images below, then share your thoughts on Episode 5 of Bachelor Pad!

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