Warehouse 13: Photos of Lindsay Wagner's Wild Date With Artie, Scoop on H.G. Wells' Next Visit

When Syfy’s Warehouse 13 welcomes back erstwhile Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner for her fourth appearance as Dr. Vanessa Calder, things will get pretty damn wild during her date with Artie — though not in a romantic way.

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In the Aug. 27 episode of the series (which airs Mondays at 9/8c), showrunner Jack Kenny tells TVLine, “The warm and charming Lindsay Wagner returns once again to Artie’s life and heart, only to have Alice — who has escaped from Lewis Carroll’s mirror — turn their magical night on the town into a terror-filled chase that forever alters their relationship.” UPDATE: View photos below!

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Speaking of exciting encores, TVLine can also confirm that Jaime Murray is due back for her 12th visit as H.G. Wells — who was found dead in the Season 4 premiere yet brought back to life by a  time rewind — in this season’s seventh episode, which is tentatively set to air Sept. 3. (And just like that, Inside Line reader Michelle gets an answer to her question!)

Murray earlier this year booked a full-time Syfy gig, as a cast member on the new series Defiance, premiering in April 2013.

Check out photo’s from the Aug. 27 Warehouse 13, “Fractures,” with Lindsay Wagner.

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  1. I’m assuming that the HG Wells spin off is dead.

    • xav says:

      Considering Jaime Murray has another television show, probably.

    • The latest I heard from Jack Kenny:
      Nothing is ever dead in Hollywood. We still have the notion. Bob Goodman and I have kicking around the idea of H.G. Wells prequel, and it wasn’t really about Warehouse 12, but it was about her character being kind of a Sherlock Holmesy type character in New York City in the 1890’s.It’s problematic because it’s really expensive to shoot it – to make a period show in 1890’s New York, it’s a fortune. And so we’re still kicking that around, we’re stillworking with Syfy on it, it’s not right now currently at the top of their development slate, but like I say, “Nothing is dead in Hollywood until there’s astake through its heart,” and right now I don’t think there’s a stake through our hearts. So it might happen, you never know.

  2. lois says:


  3. Mo N. says:

    HG!!!!! Finally! Bering and Wells!

  4. Z says:

    At least now I know when H.G.’s going to show up. Love WH13 to bits regardless, but it’s just so much more alive when H.G./Jaime Murray is around

  5. Trish says:

    Been wondering when Helena would show back up and were she’s been. I think she’s off locating artifacts and she was the other person on the phone with Artie.

    • leahbh says:

      that’s what I thought too. I really hope they don’t kill her and still she’ll have time to make guest appearances while making defiance.

  6. Velvet says:

    Obviously there’s a ton of money involved in the Syfy show ‘Defiance’ so I’m can assume it’s going to stick around a while. I will be happy to see Julie Benz and Jamie Murray weekly on my TV.

  7. Velvet says:

    I always like to see Lindsay Wagner. I grew up watching The Bionic Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man. Yes, I had a super cool Col. Steve Austin action figure.

  8. GrapplerApples says:

    HG Wells, how I missed thou!
    W13 is awesome, but W13 *with* HG is the best, most amazing thing on the telly!
    Let’s see some Wells & Bering / Bering & Wells, saving puzzles, saving the day!

  9. amoeba says:

    OMG So happy to hear HG will be back!!!! I can’t wait for more “Bering and Wells” scenes!!!!!

  10. Enilamoht says:

    SEVEN episodes after the “resurrection” is just way too long man, way too long.

  11. Kelly says:

    So cool to see some Warehouse 13 info. Thanks. :)

  12. arial2 says:

    Love Lindsay Wagner in this role, but would love, even more, to see Mike and Susan Hogan (BSG’s Col. Tigh and Captain Franks) return as Myka’s parents. Any hope of this happening?

  13. mia says:

    So glad Lindsay Wagner is back!! She’s the reason I started watching WH13. She needs to guest star more often…..or have her own show.

  14. According to SyFy.com, there is no Warehouse 13 episode on Sept 3. That episode is scheduled for Sept 10.

  15. Patrick W says:

    When I saw the trailer for the upcoming season (after the season premier), I knew Lindsay was going to have at least one appearance this season. I got to meet her about a year ago and she is a lovely person. I would love to see her appear more on Warehouse 13 and/or Alphas. WH13 has become my new guilty pleasure.

  16. Z says:

    She’ll be Alice!
    LOL! Can’t wait to see this. I’m getting a bit bored (just a little, ok?) so far this season.