Falling Skies Finale Recap: Watch the Skies

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the season finale of Falling Skies.

TNT’s Falling Skies concluded Season 2 with a big W for the 2nd Mass… but also the threat of the biggest fight yet to come.

General Bressler stuck by his coup and was about to throw the 2nd Mass into the brig, but he was interrupted by the arrival of Red-Eye, with Ben, who delivered significant intel: The Overlord that Tom and the 2nd Mass have been clashing with all season is basically a walking computer that manages the Espheni* race’s operations on the East Coast, so to kill him would seriously cripple the fish-heads’ plan. Red-Eye said the Espehni were constructing a massive weapon 500 miles away, and he knew a network of tunnels that could lead an attack team inside the perimeter and kill the Overlord. [*As spelled by closed-captioning]

Bressler was skittish about the know-it-all skitter — “What the hell is going on here?” is how he put it — yet ultimately he figured that a 2nd Mass deployed on a suicide mission was better than having them around harshing his coup. (But just for good measure, Bressler greenlit a black op massacre that nearly killed Ben and scared off Red-Eye.)

Sure enough, the 2nd Mass team — including Weaver, Tom, Hal, Maggie (oh, Maggie…) Pope and select Berzerkers navigated the long tunnel and blasted their way into the base of the massive ray gun pointed to the sky (?), but just as they began planting C-4 they were ambushed and captured by Karen and bad skitters, with the fittingly named Dai being one casualty.

Tom, Weaver et al were strung up, bound and left there for taunting by tough-talking Karen and her zapper stick — and zap away she gleefully did… until she got to Anne, whom Karen divined was pregnant with Tom’s kid. (Congrats, buddy!) But just as Tom fell prey to Karen’s bit of emotional blackmail, Red-Eye’s crew (flock? gaggle? murder?) of skitters crashed the torture party, with Red-Eye himself aiming to give the Overlord quite the ass-whooping. Alas, Overlord broke out his razor-blade wrists and felled Red-Eye, only to have Tom blindside the big guy and proceed to make chum out of his silvery noggin. But what happened to Hal, who ever since being forced into a liplock with malevolent Karen — who ultimately escaped, shimmying up the cavernous wall like Peter Parker — was unconscious? Well….

Back in Charleston, the 2nd Mass attack squad received a hero’s welcome. Hal woke up in private in the infirmary, then went to the mirror where we saw one of those “eye worm” ETs slink out of his eye, crawl across his cheek and enter his ear and presumably into Chekhov’s his brain — given that Hal then got a most evil grin on his face.

As the hour drew to a close, Tom and Anne a la The Walking Dead‘s Rick and Lori discussed their conflicted feelings about the baby, but quickly agreed that securing a safe Earth for future generations was their whole thing, so let’s go for it. Then, just as Tom and Weaver were doing some bonding as soldiers (after Tom declined Manchester’s invitation to lead the new government), an earthquake sensation began rocking the Charleston complex.

Running outside, they spied hundreds of shiny objects descending to Earth — one of which landed just outside their facility. It was a tall, oblong spaceship, big enough to transport what was revealed to be a single armored, somewhat-humanoid being… until his mask opened up, and we saw the new alien life form Will Patton told us about.

Friend? Foe? The likely target that the Overlord’s BFG was aimed at?

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