Will Patton Previews Falling Skies Finale (Another New ET!), Hints at 'Even More Intense' Season 3

As TNT’s Falling Skies enters its Season 2 finale (this Sunday at 9/8c), the 2nd Mass is having to swallow a heaping serving of Be Careful What You Wished For, says Will Patton, who plays Capt. Daniel Weaver.

“It’s what we wanted… and yet it doesn’t quite seem right for some reason,” he says of the chain of events that landed de facto U.S. president Arthur Manchester (Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn) in the brig and handed General Bressler (Eureka‘s Matt Frewer) unchecked control of the Charleston outpost. “It seems like it went in a direction that wasn’t what we were expecting.”

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Make no mistake, the 2nd Mass arrived in Charleston prepared to keep up the good fight against the Overlord and his lanky brethren. But when Manchester, an old history prof of Tom Mason’s, presented himself as being a passive politico, Weaver & Co. lobbied to join the Skitters in their rebellion. Bressler, however, skipped a few pages in the playbook and declared a form of martial law.

“Whatever the hell he’s doing has thrown things into a kind of chaos that affects the entire populace of Charleston — and in a way that could be very dangerous for all concerned,” says Patton. “He just sort of does this crazy, ‘Let’s throw out the government’ thing when it seems there might have been a step in between!”

The visiting 2nd Mass and the Charleston settlers had better make sense of the sitch fast, because an inter-planetary battle is on the season finale’s itinerary — “and it is a good one,” Patton teases. The actor says that on top of the Mechs, Skitters, “cockroaches,” “eyeball worms and fish heads” that we and the characters have met thus far, to watch for the introduction of yet another new extraterrestrial life form as the hour unfolds.

All of the above leads to an out-of-this-world cliffhanger which Patton can literally only imagine, since at the time we spoke on Thursday, he had not yet watched the final cut laden with special effects. “I’m going to be as surprised as you when I look at the thing,” he says, “but I have heard that it’s pretty amazing.”

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All told, Patton says the Steven Spielberg-produced sci-fi drama “really stepped up a notch” in its sophomore run — while Season 3, which has already been ordered, “is going to take it to yet another level.”

Measuring his words carefully, having obviously gotten a whiff of what’s on tap for the next cycle, he ultimately allows, “I hesitate to say anything more — and I’m not supposed to say much… but it’s going to get even better and become even more intense.”

What “amazing” twist do you think will end Falling Skies Season 2?