Exclusive Political Animals Finale Sneak Peek: Can TJ Be Saved from Old Demons?

This Sunday at 10/9c, as USA Network’s Political Animals uncorks its roller coaster of a season finale, matters at home take as much precedence as those concerning the State Department or Oval Office.

As seen in this exclusive sneak peek at the season ender, TJ (played by Sebastian Stan) — barely out of the hospital after a near-fatal OD — aims to get out his mom’s house to run some “errands.” Yet no gruff Secret Service grunt can hold a candle to Ellen Burstyn‘s Grandma Margaret, who uses strong words versus a stiff arm to try to keep the recovering, oft-relapsing addict from reuniting with old demons.

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Press play below to see if the self-derided “booze hound” can keep this particular grandson from making the same old mistakes.

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