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Glee First Look: Kate Hudson Gets a Leg Up

Consider us hot for teacher.

Kate Hudson‘s Glee character, to be introduced in Season 4, has been described as “the anti-Will Schuester.” And as inarguable photographic evidence of such, series boss Ryan Murphy has tweeted out a first look at the very special guest star “in action.”

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Hudson, as previously reported, will appear on Fox’s musical dramedy in a six-episode arc as a NYADA instructor who puts freshman student Rachel to the test, especially when it comes to working on her fancy footwork. As seen here, Ms. Berry would be wise to listen up and listen closely, since the teach seems to have some red-hot moves of her own.

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Glee opens Season 4 in its new time slot, Thursdays at 9/8c, on Sept. 13.

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