Exclusive: The Price Is Right Invites Male Models to Come On Down!

If you’re a decent enough-looking chap with a knack for caressing the contours of a washer-dryer set, your time is now.

The longest-running game show in history, CBS’ The Price Is Right, is launching its first-ever casting call to find a male model, with portions of the process airing as a web series. At the end of the search, one lucky looker will join Amber Lancaster, Gwendolyn Osborne, Manuela Arbelaez and Rachel Reynolds in helping players navigate the likes of Plinko and best appreciate eye-widening prize showcases.

The search begins Aug. 30 with an open call in Los Angeles, where hunky hopefuls will be interviewed by TPIR producers and the four female models. There, candidates will demonstrate verbal skills as well as the ability to pose and “properly showcase a product.” (Matt’s Helpful Hint No. 1: Do not straddle the JetSki backwards.)

As contenders move through the process and have their on-camera presence/skills further tested, the judges will make eliminations but also afford cast-offs some opportunity to jump back into the mix.

On Sept. 28, as up to six finalists are announced on The Price Is Right, the five-episode web series will launch (at PriceIsRight.com and YouTube.com/PriceIsRight), showing the wannabes engaging in assorted challenges. Viewers will then have until Oct. 4 to vote for their pick to land a one-week gig on TPIR (beginning Oct. 15).

The open call will be held Thursday, Aug. 30, from 10 am to 2 pm PST at KCBS Studios, 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Calif. (PriceIsRight.com has official rules and eligibility requirements.)

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