Did Dallas Not Dupe Us Enough? Is McKayla Made for Teen TV? Did Owen Drop Dead? And More Qs!

Jake DaltonWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Breaking Bad, The Closer, Dallas and Rookie Blue! But first, the Olympics!

1 | Do you think the overly enthusiastic commentators – “This is state of the art!” – are jinxing the Olympic athletes?

2 | Is Jake Dalton the hottest male gymnast in U.S. Olympic history? (Hey, we’re allowed the occasional rhetorical Q.)

3 | Watching Usain Bolt’s post-victory push-ups, did it strike you that he’d be the best possible candidate for the “Athlete” slot on Season 16 of Dancing With the Stars?

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4 | Did you catch — and love — American sprinter Allyson Felix’s shout-out to ABC’s Scandal during a post-race interview?McKayla Maroney

5 | How has McKayla Maroney not yet been offered a guest spot on some ABC Family or CW series? Come on, the face says it all…

6 | Is there any way to erase from our memories the horror of Ryan Seacrest’s social-media updates, before American Idol returns in January?

That concludes the Olympics portion of this week’s column. Now back to our regular programming…

7 | Did you wish for more (or any!) Jesse Plemons in the latest Breaking Bad, especially after the Friday Night Lights alum made such a fleeting debut last week? And while we appreciate Skyler’s practical/ethical concerns (and Anna Gunn’s performance), will Walt’s wife be a wet blanket for all of this final season?

8 | How nice was it see Political Animals creator Greg Berlanti show off his Dawson’s Creek roots by casting David Monahan – Jack’s first boyfriend on the Creek – as T.J.’s married, Republican lover? Speaking of the troubled Barrish boy, what was more tragic — T.J.’s own OD, or that he lured poor Gunner off the wagon? (Seeing even fictional addictions reignited always puts a pit in our stomach.) And as adorbs as Doug’s fiancée is, how sad was it that she fell for the oldest trick in our the book, unwittingly revealing big scoop by tripping on a surreptitiously posed question?

9 | Do you vote for The Newsroom‘s Will to have a few bites of his “special” baked goods before every show? It certainly seemed to make him much more fun to be around.

10 | Drop Dead Diva theory: Is Owen actually dead? Wasn’t it odd how no one aside from Jane talked to him or acknowledged his presence at the firm?

11 | Did The Closer‘s Corey Reynolds impress you with his performance within what was admittedly an over-the-top storyline, as Gabriel’s girlfriend confessed to being “planted” in his life? Now onto a new mystery: Why did murder suspect Scott Michael Foster’s grandma gift him — recently, mind you — with an extremely dated iPod model? (Maybe it was to explain why he had no incriminating photos on it…?)

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12 | Did you catch Ginny’s sly defense of the rapid-fire Bunheads (and Gilmore Girls) dialogue — “It’s funnier when it’s faster” — cloaked in a throwaway comment about old-time movie banter? And how is that the things we like about this show are also the things we dislike?

13 | Wouldn’t it be a little weird if Blake won Season 2 of The Glee Project, making him the third male champ in two seasons? In such a scenario, Oxygen might as well add a subtitle: “The Search for the Next Darren Criss-style Breakout Heartthrob.”

14 | If Dallas really wanted to hornswoggle us with Rebecca’s true identity, why didn’t they name Tommy’s sister Gladys, Ethel or something? Also, wouldn’t you have liked to see the TNT drama pull the rug out from us a bit more, with another juicy twist that fewer people saw coming? Meanwhile, that dramatic shot panning away from the new Ewing offices at the close of the finale — was that CGI? Helicopter? Camera pigeon? Whatever the case, well done.

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15 | Do you find NBC’s Go On to be more like Community — could Matthew Perry’s snarky radio jock be more like Jeff Winger? — or Perry’s ABC sitcom Mr. Sunshine?

16 | Burn Notice fans, was Fiona’s “Boston bad girl” outfit the most hideous, unflattering thing you have ever seen, ever?

17 | Having seen The X Factor‘s Season 2 key art, we must ask this important question: Shouldn’t Demi Lovato go back to being a brunette before the live shows begin?

18 | Is Sadie’s unseen Uncle Dan on Awkward the new Tino? (If you got that reference, brownie points for you!) And can we have next week’s episode now?!

19 | Um, didn’t Project Runway‘s Top 3 contestants this week basically make the same grey or black dress?

20 | Who would have thought Rookie Blue‘s running phone gag would become so important? That was one well-planted seed.

21 | And these three aren’t part of The CW’s 90210 because…?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!