Exclusive Breaking Bad First Look: Will Skyler Finally Crack Under the Pressure?

Anyone who’s watched AMC’s Breaking Bad this season knows that Skyler isn’t in the best of places. Heck, last week she threatened to do herself harm if it meant that her children would be kept away from their maniacal drug king father danger.

And in this exclusive first look at some shots from this Sunday’s episode, the money-laundering mama doesn’t appear to be doing any better. Sure, she’s not slow-mo pseudo-drowning herself in the family pool, but we happen to know that the upcoming hour finds her striking a losing deal with Walt, and it’s the kind of bargain that could define their relationship for the rest of the series.

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But might Sky have a plan in her back pocket – next to her smokes – that will take down her cocky husband and save her family before it’s too late? Take a close look at her face in the photo above (as well as those of the chemical brothers in deep discussion below) and hit the comments with your best guess about what’s ahead!

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