Glee Deleted Scene: Mike Chang Gets a Surprise Graduation Gift

Ryan Murphy may taketh away when Glee episodes run long and selected scenes wind up on the editing room floor. But he also giveth — especially now that he’s on Twitter — as evidenced by his releasing yet another deleted scene this week to the show’s core fan base.

The latest gift to help Gleeks get through the summertime doldrums? A clip of Mike Chang getting a graduation gift from his parents. As Mr. Murphy himself Tweeted, “One of the many heart-breaking losses when an episode is 15 minutes long. #criminallyneglectedcouples”

I won’t quibble with the fact that FGAAPCPA isn’t the catchiest acronym, or ask why the Changs didn’t save this tender moment for home, rather than the halls of McKinley High. Let’s just press play and enjoy a little extra time with Mike and Tina, shall we? And when you’re done, hit the comments with your thoughts on the scene.

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