Exclusive First Look Videos: The Glades' Finale Puts Jim's (Love) Life on the Line



Crossed wires and missed calls do not a healthy long-distance relationship make, as evidenced by these exclusive sneak peeks of The Glades‘ Season 3 finale (airing this Sunday at 9/8c, on A&E).

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As seen in this first clip, Callie (played by Kiele Sanchez) is angling to wrap things up in Atlanta — namely, finishing her boards — but most urgently she wants to get in touch with Jim (Matt Passmore).

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Jim, meanwhile (cue Clip No. 2, below!) is equally anxious to reach Callie, though it’s starting to look like he’s had his fill of this Palm Glade-Atlanta thing. That prompts Jennifer (Taylor Cole) — who is but an arm’s length away and looking especially come-hither — to offer Jim something else to nibble on. (An idea, people! Or at least for starters.)

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Will Jim do right by Glades fans and stay true? Or will Callie’s trip to Georgia prove to be less-than-peachy?