Olympics Watch: What Was Your Favorite Moment From London 2012, Day 9?

usain boltI can barely make it from the couch to the refrigerator in under 30 seconds — even when I’m super peckish — which made the finals of the Men’s 100 meter Sprint at the 2012 Summer Olympics all the more mind-boggling.

Yes indeed, Jamaica’s legendary Usain Bolt (pictured) only took 9.63 seconds to earn the Gold versus what NBC’s commentators called one of the fastest fields of humans ever assembled. (Indeed, the 2012 100m finals marked the first time in Olympic history that five men managed to finish in under 9.9 seconds.) That Bolt played DJ scratching at an imaginary turntable right before he took to the starting blocks only added to the entertainment value of his victory. (Apparently, dude also ate McDonald’s before his big race!)

krisztian berkiAnd yet while Bolt’s latest Olympic achievement was undoubtedly Day 9’s biggest story, I also have to give a shout-out to the top two finishers in the pommel horse category of the men’s gymnastics field. The tricky piece of equipment has never been a favorite of mine, but Hungary’s Krisztian Berki (pictured, right) and Britain’s Louis Smith put on such dazzling displays en route to their respective Gold and Silver medals, that I’ve got a newfound appreciation for the whole bag of marbles. Berki’s legs whirled and rotated like the blades of a helicopter, while Smith’s hands were so fast and furious while he executed a crazy handstand that it felt like someone had hit the fast-forward button on my DVR. Good stuff!

What was your favorite moment of Day 9? Are you doing The Bolt while you read this? Sound off in the comments!