NBC's Latest Olympics Gaffe? A Pretty New Pair? Quinn's Alternate Glee Exit? And More TV Qs!

OlympicsWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Newsroom, Pretty Little Liars, The Glee Project and Suits. But first, the Olympics!

1 | Really, NBC, you couldn’t point your camera in a different direction during your interview with Aly Raisman after the qualifying round so a sobbing Jordyn Wieber wasn’t in the background?

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| Is NBC’s Andrea Kremer purposely trying to offend this year’s crop of U.S. Olympic swimmers, or is she merely clueless? That parting dig at reducing Michael Phelps’ 4×200 freestyle relay teammates to mere footnotes in his march to history has to rank as her worst moment of the games so far, no?

| How many times did you rewatch McKayla Maroney’s amazing vault during the women’s team gymnastics final? (Check out the judges’ reaction on the far left!) Where did the deductions come from?! And doesn’t this girl look like she should be on Pretty Little Liars or some other teen soap?

| How come the chilly London evenings have reduced most Olympic women’s volleyball teams to awkwardly trying to rock bikinis over base layers, but American dynamos Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings always look so sporty-stylish on the court — no matter the conditions?

| We can all totally agree NBC’s primetime Olympic coverage needs a lot more equestrian events, yes?

| Whose Olympic smile shines brighter: Gabby Douglas or Missy Franklin? It’s a draw for us! Or has there been no sweeter smile than Nathan Adrian’s megawatt grin after his surprise win during Wednesday’s Men’s 100 Freestyle?

And that concludes the Olympics portion of this week’s column. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

| Who knew that handing Olivia Munn an intense, dramatic Newsroom storyline would deliver such fantastic results? Her rattling off the angry Japanese? In sexy librarian glasses? We die. And wasn’t David Krumholtz, star of the upcoming Partners, a nice touch as Will’s shrink?

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| Given the way the POTUS gig has prompted our last three presidents to go rapidly gray, isn’t President Hammond’s jet-black coif on Political Animals a little unrealistic? Then again, isn’t everything about his character a wee bit cartoonish amongst the otherwise tense and thrilling machinations of the show’s central plot lines? And really, Susan Berg? You allowed that cheatin’ cretin a booty call?

| We get the gist, but what, exactly, did Breaking Bad‘s Walt mean by “Maybe he flew too close to the sun” in reference to murdered Gus Fring associate Victor?

10 | Did the final, shocking scene of The Closer this week remind you why Kyra Sedgwick has an Emmy, a Golden Globe and numerous other awards on her mantel?

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11 | Did we accidentally tune into a bizarre-o world version of The Glee Project this week where the top three contestants were in the bottom? And as if Shanna’s elimination wasn’t infuriating enough, how come Oxygen had to go and spoil the ending with just a few minutes remaining by featuring Aylin and Blake in the preview for next week’s episode? Oh, and regarding Shanna’s exit, is there any other reality show on TV where being consistently good and avoiding the bottom three is more of a liability than an asset?

12 | Was there a more thankless guest star role on TV this summer than Brett Cullen as White Collar‘s FBI warehouse supervisor?

13 | Where do we sign the petition to keep Simon around on Covert Affairs?

Pretty Little Liars14 | Who knew Pretty Little Liars‘ Caleb and Spencer had so much chemistry? In fact, it actually made us question our longtime ‘Haleb’ loyalties. And do you ever get the feeling that Emily could not care less about Aria’s relationship problems?

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15 | Are you impressed and/or shocked that ABC Family can afford to send Jane By Design to film on location so much? First Paris, now London. Speaking of money, what was Gray thinking handing Jane a bonus check in front of all her employees?

16 | Between the 7th Heaven/Secret Life of the American Teenager, Grey’s Anatomy and Daily Show-like series within The L.A. Complex, is there a better TV satire currently on the air?

17 | Why does Rebecca’s hot not-brother on Dallas have to be such a bastard?

18 | Donna’s silence on Suits when asked if she loves Harvey sure spoke volumes, didn’t it?

19 | With Project Runway mixing a Lexus product placement, the Emmy red carpet, a former Runway contestant, and two-person teams into this week’s convoluted challenge, wouldn’t it have been a good time to follow Coco Chanel’s take-one-thing-off rule?

Awkward 20 | Are you having a hard time buying the Sadie and Ricky Schwartz storyline on Awkward?

21 | Wouldn’t it have been kind of interesting if Dianna Agron’s Quinn had made her Glee exit with that left-on-the-cutting-room-floor, giving-Rachel-a-harsh-dose-of-reality “Bridesmaids” scene that made its way to YouTube this week?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!