Doctor Who Season 7 Preview: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship! Weeping Angels! River Song!

That’s a whole lot of Daleks — an entire stadium full of ’em — at the start of the first-look trailer for Season 7 of Doctor Who. (All together now, “Ex-ter-min-ate!“) And things only seem to get more intense from there.

We’ve got the Doctor giddily observing dinosaurs on a spaceship (and later, somebody getting a ride atop a triceratops). We’ve got stops in Times Square and the Wild West. And there’s a shot of the Doctor with a lifeless Amy (I think?) in his arms. Plus, there are plenty of our protagnoist’s old enemies in the mix. Oooh, blowing out a candle never looked so creepy, did it?

Doctor Who returns to BBC America this fall. Sound off in the comments with your anticipation level for the new season, and then share your thoughts on this new trailer.