Gleeks Rejoice: Ryan Murphy Releases Deleted Klaine Scene From Christmas Episode

When Glee‘s holiday-themed Season 3 episode, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas,” aired last December, some fans felt a little bit like the Grinch had snuck down their chimneys and stolen one of their most hotly anticipated presents.

Indeed, despite the fact that photos had leaked online of a gift exchange between lovebirds Kurt and Blaine, the special moment never saw the light of day when the episode ran long and something had to wind up on the editing-room floor.

And while TVLine brought you the exclusive scoop at the time about what exactly was in the box, executive producer Ryan Murphy — a new addition to Twitter this week — went one step further this evening, releasing the full deleted scene on YouTube.

I won’t spoil the encounter by describing it in detail, but might I suggest you keep your toothbrushes handy? This scene is pretty dang sweet!

Watch it in full below, then hit the comments with your thoughts.