Did Falling Skies Bug You? Did GH's 'TnB' Redo Fall Short? Rookie's Fair Beauty? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including Breaking Bad, Falling Skies, Burn Notice and General Hospital!

1 | Did you hope, just for a second, that Blair would accept Todd’s crazytown proposal — and that maybe Kassie DePaiva would stick around Port Charles — when she visited General Hospital? On a related note, who agrees that Jason Thompson actually looks like he’s been crying as much and hard as Patrick? Way to sell the storyline! Oh, and: Ewen is the man behind Robin’s faked death?! Did anyone see that coming? (Confession: We did think he was the man assaulting strippers a few months back, but they pinned it on Ronnie so we stopped suspecting him of devious acts.)

2 | What kinda crazy sci-fi FX were at work in those Political Animals flashbacks, de-aging Sigourney Weaver? And why does Doug’s fiancée Anne always insist on coitus interrupting with talk of the parents?

3 | Is The Newsroom‘s Jim actually Clark Kent in disguise? Because only the Man of Steel could’ve sustained as many blows to the head as he did this week without suffering some kind of permanent damage.

4 | Does TNT seem to run two minutes of commercials and in-house promos for every two minutes of actual programming? This week’s Leverage felt like it was 50 percent ads for the next Falling Skies. Speaking of…

5 | The alien cockroaches coming out of Jamil’s mouth on Falling Skies: Grossest thing on TV this week all summer or the most grossly awesome?

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6 | Were you as surprised as we were when Breaking Bad‘s Mike killed one of his “guys” but let Lydia live?

7 | Who else is gonna storm Fox HQ with brickbats and torches if Randy Jackson manages to survive yet another season on the American Idol judges’ panel?

8 | What’s wrong with the girls on Bunheads? Have they never seen a tater tot before?! And what did you make of that closing dance number?

9 | Was any omission from WWE Raw‘s 1000th episode more glaring than that of Attitude Era King Stone Cold Steve Austin? Also, we love The Rock as much as the next wrestling fan, but how gratifying was it to see The Great One flying clotheslined in front of the millions (and millions!) tuning in — and by CM punk, no less?

10 | Do any other Bachelor Pad fans feel like Jaclyn and Rachel’s brutal gossiping about Blakeley crossed a line from general reality-TV intrigue into something far, far uglier? Speaking of uglier, does Jaclyn know how frequently she’s serving “disgusted bitchface” to the cameras? Be careful or your face could freeze like that, girl!

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White Collar Season 411 | One of the clues that led White Collar‘s Peter to the elusive thief David Cook was that he’s a leftie. So why was Cook swinging a squash racquet with his right hand?

12 | How romantic and clever was Auggie’s pearl-engagement-ring-in-an-oyster proposal on Covert Affairs? Did he out-woo Neal “NYC Sandcastles” Caffrey?

13 | Just how many mysterious, previously unseen friends does Pretty Little Liars‘ Ali have? And shouldn’t the Liars have been more suspicious of CeCe?

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14 | Are the L.A. Complex writers psychic? First, a Scientology reference, and now Connor’s getting a job offer to be a starlet’s fake boyfriend!

15 | Dear Glee Project: Was it really necessary for wheelchair-bound Ali to dunk a basketball to the point where you made everyone do 30-plus takes because she kept missing it?

16 | Any So You Think You Can Dance fans worried that the astonishingly good Eliana’s appearance in the girls’ Bottom 3 so early in the season means we’re in for a long, ugly summer of ridiculous results?

17 | Would it might be smart for ABC’s Bachelor franchise to steal some of Love in the Wild‘s low-wattage/high-stress “travel dates” to see if their central couples really have what it takes to survive?

Rookie Blue Charlotte Sullivan18 | Did anyone out there not see the big death coming on Burn Notice? On a related note: Sharon Gless, how do you wreck us fans with but a few seconds of silent anguish?

19 | Isn’t it refreshing to see someone on TV as beautiful and porcelain-skinned– and not orange — as Rookie Blue‘s Charlotte Sullivan?

20 | If Project Runway‘s producers weren’t so busy trumping up a Gunnar-Christopher rivalry, is there any way the former designer wouldn’t have been replaced by understated Dmitry in this week’s Candy Couture Top 3?

21 | Given the creative and ratings failure of Bristol Palin’s recent reality series — and the icky controversy about her toddler son dropping the “f—-t” bomb — doesn’t ABC’s decision to cast her on Dancing With the Stars‘ upcoming all-star season seem like a simply cynical ploy to score controversy-fueled headlines?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!