Covert Affairs' Chris Gorham Talks Auggie's 'Low Point,' Feelings for Annie and 'Major' Deaths

Covert Affairs Chris GorhamPirates, proposals and spies, oh my!

When Auggie travels to Africa on this Tuesday’s Covert Affairs (USA Network, 10/9c) to pop the question to his girlfriend, he’ll hit a few speed bumps on the way to his happy ending. But they’ll be nothing compared to the “low point” ahead for the spy tech, previews his portrayer Chris Gorham.

Below, the actor talks about a darker Auggie, the danger he’s gotten himself into and, of course, whether he’s really crushing on Annie.

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TVLINE | Judging from the promos, I think it’s safe to say the proposal is not going to go smoothly for Auggie.
There’s a few hitches. This whole season, it ends up being a really tough year for Auggie. Jai getting assassinated makes Auggie take a hard look at his life and what he’s doing and makes him realize life is short. When you have a good thing, sometimes you just need to grab it and run with it. So he decides to ask Parker to marry him. … [But] because he’s so focused on Parker, that’s part of why he keeps missing what’s going on with Annie and the feelings that she’s displaying. His head’s somewhere else. He goes to Eritrea and proposes. In the middle of all that, they end up getting kidnapped by pirates and held for ransom.

TVLINE | Going into this episode, do you think he has feelings for Annie and is just pushing them down?
I don’t think he’s even thinking about it. I don’t think the question has come up in his brain. He’s laser-focused on what’s in front of him. He hasn’t given it a thought. That being said, it does come up this season. Part of the great thing about separating these two characters is he really starts to realize how much he’s unconsciously begun to rely on Annie. He’s a dude. He doesn’t spend a lot of time sitting around and thinking about his feelings. But the separation starts bringing things up.

Covert Affairs Chris Gorham Piper PeraboTVLINE | Are Annie and Auggie going to go out in the field again?
We don’t go on another mission together this season, but we do some have really cool stuff coming up. … Everything that was started in the first episode has a resolution as you get towards the 10th episode. There’s a reason for things that happened. These characters’ lives are truly affected, and not always in a good way. Annie doesn’t always make the right choice this season. Auggie doesn’t always look like the noble hero this season.

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TVLINE | Is there a particular scene or episode where Auggie gets darker and less noble?
Oh, for sure! At the end of Episode 4, you see a side of Auggie that is embarrassing for him. That’s the low point. Episode 5 opens with Auggie in a place that I don’t think anyone would have ever anticipated that you’d see his character. It’s why he ends up in therapy [with Daniella Alonso’s character]. He doesn’t really have a choice because of what happens at the end of Episode 4. He puts not just his personal life at risk, he puts his professional life at risk. It’s a very serious thing for him to put his career in jeopardy the way that he does.

TVLINE | Jai was killed because of what he was investigating. Now Auggie is in charge of that case. Should we be worried about his safety?
Yeah. We’re shooting Episode 9 right now, and he’s very close to being killed. He’s in a lot of danger.… More major characters are going to die this season. [Jai’s] not the only one. Our main characters are in real jeopardy — more life-threatening than I know people are going to expect. As we get towards the end of the season, [creators] Chris [Ord] and Matt [Corman] have really committed to following through on the logic of this story they’ve embarked on and the real danger of what’s involved. [There’s] some very real consequences that carry through to some pretty dark places as we get towards Episodes 8, 9 and 10 of the summer season. And then we have our six episodes a few weeks later, [in which] the story really continues. It embarks on a different adventure, but it all comes out of what happens in these 10 episodes. It’s all about the consequences of what has happened.

TVLINE | Simon is connected to whatever Jai was looking into. So will Auggie’s path ever cross with his?
The Simon character is part of the separation that happens between Auggie and Annie. Annie can’t tell Auggie anything about him, that case [or] her relationship with him. None of it. It’s all secret. Auggie has no clue what she’s working on or who she’s seeing. It’s a great moment when he does find out — because he does. There comes a point where the secrets come out, and it’s great… [But] Richard [Coyle] and I don’t have any scenes together.

TVLINE | Is there a bit of disappointment on his part that Annie would do something like this?
It’s complicated. Auggie did the same thing with Liza Hearn [played by Emmanuelle Vaugier]. His was not sanctioned; he was doing it off the books. So he’s in no position to judge Annie for being intimate with an asset… Once Auggie is refocused back to Annie, he knows her better than anybody. What will upset and inevitably concern Auggie is if he feels that Annie has feelings for Simon. That’s what would bug Auggie.