Alphas Preview: Laura Mennell Says Season 2 Will Expose Nina's 'Dark Underbelly'

As Syfy’s Alphas opens Season 2 this Monday at 10/9c, the canvas has changed – and not for the better. Since “outing” Alphas to the world, Rosen (played by David Strathairn) has been discredited and institutionalized. More Alphas, meanwhile, have been wrangled and imprisoned at the Binghamton facility – including a member of the good doctor’s team.

To set things right, an effort is made to “get the band back together,” though that may be easier said than done when it comes to Nina, played by Laura Mennell.

“She has definitely reverted back to some of her old ways of pushing, to fill the emptiness that crept back into her life when the team fell apart,” Mennell tells TVLine. “Last year, Nina was in a pretty good place – Rosen helped her lead more of a fulfilling lifestyle, she was starting to have relationships, people were like family to her – but after the group fell apart, she didn’t know how to cope. And she blamed Rosen for that, to an extent… [giving] her a more meaningful life only to have it taken away.”

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Though Nina is ultimately recruited for a slapdash mission intended to free her former teammate from Binghamton, that bit of camaraderie may be too little to undo the damage incurred by the abrupt disbandment of Rosen’s group.

Says the actress, “She definitely distances herself from everyone” – even gal pal and onetime roomie Rachel (aka she of the super-heightened senses). “Nina and Rachel (Azita Ghanazida) had such a lovely, wonderful relationship last season, but things will definitely change. It won’t be in the same place.” Mennell previews. “It wont be the same for Nina with anyone. I mean, she still has a soft spot for Gary (Ryan Cartwright) and always will, but she’s quite separate from everyone for a while.”

Not helping matters is her rekindled love affair with her pushing skills, through which she can command anyone she makes direct eye contact with to do her bidding. “At the beginning of the season, you’ll see Nina more ‘at her best’ in terms of [that],” says her portrayer. “But it will get worse and worse … until it ultimately gets out of control to the point where it becomes all she cares about – regardless of the consequences and who she hurts. And as it becomes more compulsive… she gets more of a dark underbelly.”

But before things get too dark, Nina will rekindle a different sort of love affair in this season’s fourth episode, which guest-stars Being Erica‘s Morgan Kelly as an old boyfriend.

“Obviously Nina is still getting over Hicks (Warren Christie), which might be difficult,” says Mennell. “But yeah, she’ll have a bit of a romance with a guy from her past. His name is Tommy, and he’s played wonderfully by Morgan Kelly. I can’t go into much more detail than that, but…. All in all, it will be a cool year for Nina, for sure.”

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