Dueling Sleepy Hollow Series Being Developed by Fringe, Missing Teams

Now don’t lose your head over this, but a drama series (or two!) based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow may soon find its way to network TV.

Two concepts, both called Sleepy Hollow, are circulating in Hollywood as development season begins, per our sister site Deadline.com. The first, from Missing writers Grant Scharbo and Patrick Macmanus, is in talks with The CW. That one offers a modern view of Washington Irving’s classic horror tale by making protagonist Ichabod Crane into an FBI agent who travels to the titular town to check out a beheading.

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The second, created by Fringe and Hawaii Five-0 producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, also offers a modern take on the spooky short story first published in the 1800s about Crane’s mysterious run-in with a headless horseman. That project has landed at Fox with a pilot committment, Deadline reports.

Something similar happened last year with Beauty and the Beast: ABC and The CW both produced girl-meets-shaggy-guy pilots, but The CW’s version was the only one to make it to the fall schedule.

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