What to Watch: A Community Classic, Lost Girl Finds Friday Home, Portlandia Reheats Brunch

On TV this Friday: The Community crew re-establishes Law & Order, Lost Girl finds herself a new time slot, the Common Law lads become roomies and Portlandia serves up a late-night brunch. Here are eight programs to check out.

8 pm House (Fox) | In tonight’s first Repeat to Revisit, as House treats a sick soldier who is under heavy guard, his team starts to suspect their boss is suffering from liver failure. White Collar‘s Sharif Atkins guest-stars.

8:30 pm Community (NBC) | Meanwhile, in this Rerun to Revere, the Greendale Gang pays homage to — chung-chang! — Law & Order. Watch “Basic Lupine Urology” again for all the gems – Troy and Abed’s zeal for detective work, Annie’s victory dance, Jeff’s last-minute gotcha! twist – and then scratch your head in consternation at how not one member of the ensemble nor the show itself picked up an Emmy nod.

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9 pm Phineas & Ferb (Disney) | When Doofenshmirtz — voiced by Emmy nominee Dan Povenmire! — is called for jury duty, Norm is left in charge. (Seriously, Doc? Of all the invention-ators, nothing to keep you from sitting on a jury?)

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10 pm Lost Girl (Syfy) | New time slot! Bo tracks a genie for the Ash. P.S. Did you read about Season 3’s killer guest star?

10 pm Common Law (USA Network) | Wes and Travis are forced to live together while staking out a novelist suspected of aiding a master criminal’s prison break. Fan fic authors, away you go! (Psst, get scoop.)

10 pm The Dead Files (Travel) | Season finale: Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan investigate dangerous paranormal activity in the remote village of Central, Alaska – although just being in a remote village in Alaska sounds dangerous enough on its own.

10 pm 3 Days to Open With Bobby Flay (Food) | Celebrity chef Bobby Flay helps a grilled-cheese truck in Stamford, Conn. launch successfully. Seeing as how that’s Matt Mitovich’s hometown, wouldn’t it make sense for him to drive up and bring back a sack of sandwiches for the TVLine team? Thanks, Matt! You’re the best!

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11 pm Portlandia: The Brunch Special (IFC) | After a four-hour viewers’ choice marathon (airing 6-10 pm), nosh on this director’s cut of the sketch comedy series’ Season 2 finale. Executive producer Lorne Michaels, Kyle MacLachlan (Desperate Housewives) and Bobby Flay (seriously, that guy is everywhere) also appear.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.