Exclusive Love in the Wild Preview: Tension Rises for Ben and Michelle -- Who Do You Want to Win?

Here’s hoping the following exclusive preview of Tuesday night’s Love in the Wild doesn’t spell the beginning of the end for adorably chillaxed (and yes, please forgive my used of “chillaxed”) couple Ben and Michelle.

He’s all “hurry, hurry, hurry!” And her face is all “Stop barking at your woman when she’s on the edge of a precipice!” As hinted in last week’s episode, the couple who wins this Tuesday’s penultimate challenge gets to pick which of their two rival duos gets to advance to the finale.

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Watch the clip below, then scroll down to take our poll and tell us which couple you want to win it all! (I’ve switched from Team Yanina/Ken (Yaken? Kenina?) to Michelle/Ben (Bechelle, obvs, since it sounds like béchamel). I don’t even see Summer/Chase anymore, sorry.