Grimm Gang Talks 'Shocking' Renewal, Nick's 'Badass' Ma, Juliette's Fate and Deeper Mythology

The mood was anything but Grimm when the cast of NBC’s returning supernatural series made camp in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite.

For one, they had to marvel at how their Season 2 pick-up came way back in March – “It was shocking to be the first thing renewed,” said Silas Weir Mitchell – and they noted how getting an early Olympics-boosted return platform makes them “feel very secure about the show.” (The first four episodes will air Mondays at 10/9c, starting Aug. 13, before moving back to the Fridays-at-9 slot.)

And then… they started serving up scoop, including the arrival of the Woman in Black (played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) will help her son Nick “build his Grimm tool kit.” (Plus, new series regular Bree Turner notes, “She looks really good in tight leather.”)

Bitsie Tulloch talked about Juliette’s coma and whether she’ll remember Nick’s revelation; Mitchell noted how having Nick’s mom aka another Grimm around will be kinda “dangerous” for the likes of Monroe; and Sasha Roiz shared how a growing “family dynamic” will challenge Renard’s power.

All told, Reggie Lee emphasized, “The mythology gets much, much, much deeper in Season 2.”

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