True Blood @ Comic-Con: Cast Teases More WTF Sex Scenes, Bids Tearful Adieu to Alan Ball

Fairies and kings and strippers, oh my! Fans on hand for True Blood‘s Saturday evening Comic-Con panel were treated to a glimpse at the rest of Season 5 — and it looks bloody juicy.

Read on for highlights from the panel discussion, which included Christopher Meloni comparing his new gig to Law & Order: SVU, dish on an upcoming “wacky” sex scene and an emotional sendoff for outgoing showrunner Alan Ball.

FRESH FOOTAGE | True Blood‘s fifth season is well underway, airing Sundays at 9/8c on HBO, but there’s still much to come. Here’s a quick rundown of what to look forward to, as seen in an exclusive rapid-fire promo: Bill tells Sookie that she will no longer remember him or Eric, and it seems the fairies have something to do with it; Russell “The King” Edgington is killing up a storm; Alcide returns to become Packmaster; Godric appears; Tara begins stripping; and Luna is alive. UPDATE: And now, you can peep the preview for yourselves below.

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LOVE (AND LUST) STORY | Ball revealed that three new romances remain on the horizon for this season. “There are also a lot of other people having sex,” he added, “but those don’t count as ‘romances.'”

LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX, TB | If Season 5 has thus far felt tame in the sexy department, fret not! Manganiello teased that he “sexually eviscerates another cast member” in one of the episodes coming up. Added Ball, “There are definitely some very hot sex scenes, and there are some wacky, ‘What The F–k?’ sex scenes. And between those two, I think all will be satisfied.”

FINALE FREAKOUT | “The last scene of our last episode is going to blow people’s minds,” Anna Paquin teased. “It’s a very, very crazy scene. “

TAKE IT OFF… ALL OFF | As mentioned earlier, Tara is seen stripping the new promo. So, was Magic Mike‘s Manganiello on hand to give her some tips? Not quite, but after showing the crowd some sexy moves of his own, he mused: “Werewolf stripping… I like that idea.”

LAW & DISORDER | When asked how life on True Blood differs from SVU, Meloni deadpanned: “There are more fangs. There are more characters.” In all seriousness, the actor is just thrilled to fulfill a vampy dream. ” When they said that I was going to be a vampire, I said, ‘You’ve got to let me stake somebody’… It was pretty much the one thing I wanted to do.”

THE PARENT TRAP | Are we on our way to learning more about the Stackhouse parentals? “Yes,” said Ball. “We’re going to learn more about Michelle and Corbett Stackhouse, and the remaining effect of what happened to them had on Sookie and particularly Jason.

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TRUE, BLUE | At the heartfelt suggestion of Stephen Moyer, the crowd gave departing series creator Ball a standing ovation. “Thank you guys so much,” the showrunner said through tears. “If I wasn’t so old and so tired and beat up, I would do eleventy-hundred seasons of this show. It’s been [a] highlight of my career.”

And just for fun…

HOMECOMING HOPES | When asked by an audience member if he would ever consider returning for the SVU series finale, whenever it may be, Meloni responded — after an incredibly long pause — “I’m always willing to consider… I had 12 great years on that show and I loved the people and I loved the character. There’s no bad blood there, so we’ll see how it comes.”

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