Nikita Cast Talks Season 3's 'Ultimate Villain,' the Death that Has to Happen and More 'Mikita' Woes

When the Nikita cast (albeit minus a few newly promoted players) paid a visit to TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite, they wasted no time dishing out Season 3 intel — particularly the stuff you didn’t hear about during their scoop-filled panel held earlier this week.

Up first on the agenda was some chitchat about the CW spy thriller’s new “ultimate villain,” Amanda, who for now is alive and kickin’, but… perhaps not for much longer? All Melinda Clarke would share is that, “This show is designed for people to die; it will happen eventually. It has to.” (Cryptic, no?)

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And what of that horrible “something” that showrunner Craig Silverstein recently revealed is going to happen to Michael — and thus Nikita, too? Here’s a hint from Shane West: It’s “gnarly.”

Press PLAY below to keep the Season 3 spoilers coming, with even more teases from Maggie Q, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, West and Clarke.

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