The Bob's Burgers Staff Serves Up Guest Star Scoop, Christmas Cheer and Truly Dirty Talking

Even as a vegetarian, I couldn’t possibly discriminate when the cast and producers of Fox’s Critics’ Choice Award-nominated hit, Bob’s Burgers, swung by TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite.

What was on the menu as the seven of ’em got talking? Well:

• Be Our Guest (as in guest voices galore, including big-screen funny man Zach Galifianakis, Saturday Night Live vets Fred Armisen and Will Forte and TV journeymen Fred Savage and Jeffrey Tambor)

• Happy Holidays (meaning, a Christmas-themed episode guest-starring Academy Award winner Kevin Kline, plus other outings pegged to specific holidays, as this is the first year the creative team knew the schedule far enough in advance)

• The Tempestuous Triangle (that lands Tina squarely between two fellas. “She has to make a very difficult choice,” says portrayer Dan Mintz.)

• “Shart” Attack! (which… is better left for you to discover by hitting PLAY below. And ideally not while eating.)

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