True Blood Challenge: Kristin Bauer Drops a Big Spoiler Riddle — Can You Solve It?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch the following Q&A with True Blood‘s inimitable Kristin Bauer and use one small portion of it to unlock some intriguing info about the rest of this season.

But you’ve gotta be on your game: Pam’s portrayer is well practiced at the art of the double entendre, she’s very good at slipping things past even the most meticulous of fans and she’s the kind of steely chick who often takes inspiration from John Wayne movies. In short, bring your A game.

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Press play on the video below, shot when Bauer chatted with me at Comic-Con, and then fill the comments with your suggestions. As she notes, all of you are getting really good at cracking her codes. Will you be the one to guess where she’s headed before the rest of us do?