Walking Dead @ Comic-Con: Get the Premiere Date and Watch Trailer! Plus: Uglier Zombies?

Watch out, because starting on the second Sunday in October, The Walking Dead‘s zombies are going to be everywhere. Literally.

AMC announced Friday at San Diego Comic-Con that the drama’s third season premiere will air Sunday, Oct 14 at 9pm. In addition, and in a change from the norm, the episode will debut worldwide throughout that week.

Watch the Season 3 trailer here, then read on for highlights from the panel discussion, featuring scoop on the prison and Michonne, teases about some standout characters and more!

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DEADLY DECOMPOSITION | “Every year we try to refine and determine what we love about certain walkers,” the series’ special effects supervisor Greg Nicotero previewed. “We really want to sell that they are decomposing and emaciated. And there are a lot of them.”

SEASON 3 SPOILERS | Given the manner in which last season ended, Walking Dead‘s junior year is going to look radically different. “We’re introducing [the town of] Woodbury and the characters that populate that,” producer Gale Anne Hurd teased. “Michonne kicks ass with a katana sword, and the intensity level is incredible.”

CREATIVE LICENSE | When asked about how true to the increasingly gritty comics the series will stay now that the clan is moving into the prison, showrunner Glen Mazzara explained, “It’s about staying true to the spirit of the comic book, staying raw and visceral… [But] we have a lot of time to do it. We want to have these new characters, and develop them, and have people invested. And then when you see incredible stuff happen to them, it’s scary and it hurts.”

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Now, here are some scooplets on a few fan-fave characters from the stars themselves:

RICK | Andrew Lincoln prepped for Rick’s Season 3 arc by reading Cormac McCarthy’s harrowing novel The Road. “Rick has isolated himself from the group and his marriage, and that’s the way he’s protecting everybody… It’s an interesting way to start the season.” Translation: “He’s currently going batsh–t crazy bananas.”

DARYL | Norman Reedus said that his “hillbilly” badass is “a guy that’s under the thumb of his big brother, Merle. But being away from Merle, he’s now finding himself needed and appreciated… He’s finding his way and growing up.”

ANDREA | “It’s a very different season for Andrea,” Laurie Holden shared. “She’s separated from the group, [and] it’s a wonderful journey. She’s met this wonderful girl [Michonne], and they become very good friends and watch each others’ backs.”

GLENN | Steven Yeun’s stalwart character this season “is just manning up and doing what he’s supposed to be doing,” said the actor.

MAGGIE | Per Lauren Cohan, “Maggie’s pretty lucky right now, because she still has more family with her than anybody else does. The priority for her this season is protecting her own.” But it won’t be easy given that the group is “now thrown into an absolutely insane world. The farm was a walk in the park compared to this.”

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