What to Watch Friday: Ricky Gervais' Grand Finale, Common Law Goes to the Dogs and More

On TV this Friday: The Ricky Gervais Show draws to a final close, Common Law’s got a case of puppy love, Jessie gets Lost and Paul Rudd gives Comedy Bang! Bang! the silent treatment. Here are seven programs to check out tonight:

8 pm Whitney (NBC) | In this Repeat to Revisit, Alex proposes to Whitney not once but twice, a move that set up the rest of the sitcom’s first season. Watch for rapper/actress Eve, who plays Champagne room stripper Britnee. (Side note: Remember “Let Me Blow Ya Mind?” That was my jam.)

8:30 pm Jessie (Disney) | On the way to Bali for a vacation, Jessie, Bertram and the kids have to make an emergency landing on a tropical island. Hey, Jessie: If you pick up a transmission in French with a creepy voice counting out iterations, you are in some serious trouble.

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9 pm The Ricky Gervais Show (HBO) | “Episode 13 on Friday 13th. Truly unlucky for some as it is the last Ricky Gervais Show ever,” Gervais reminded via Twitter this morning. “Thank you for watching all these years.” Stephen reads selections from Karl’s diary, which includes Karl’s thoughts on avocado-cutting injuries, dating identical twins and a recent visit to his parents’ house. (Fun fact: This is Gervais’ favorite clip from the three-season run.)

9 pm Whale Wars (Animal Planet) | The Sea Shepherd crew sends out a helicopter to ID a mystery vessel but loses contact with the whirlybird and fears the worst. Hey, Sea Shepherd: If the ’copter was piloted by Frank Lapidus, you’re in serious trouble.

9 pm Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse (TBS) | Back-to-back episodes kick off Season 2, in which Marcus and Angela continue to test each other and their marriage. Marcus and Angela: If… nah, just kidding. There’s no possible way to make a Lost joke here… or is there?

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10 pm Common Law (USA Network) | What’s better than two hot guys? Two hot guys and a dog! And that’s what you get tonight when Wes and Travis take care of an injured officer’s K-9 pooch.

10 pm Comedy Bang! Bang! (IFC) Parks and Recreation‘s Paul Rudd and talks with Scott about their love of mime.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.

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