Did White Collar Woo You? Rookie Blue Wreck You? Was GH Kiss Hot or Not? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including The Closer, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Dallas, General Hospital and Pretty Little Liars.

1 | Are any One Life to Live/”Jolie” fans out there having mixed feelings about General Hospital‘s John/Sam pairing? Because damn, that kiss last Friday on the docks was smolderin‘.

2 | Does Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sarah Drew know that her doppelganger — aka Kim’s new assistant — was on Drop Dead Diva this past Sunday?

3 | Why did The Newsroom‘s Jim know more about Maggie’s panic attacks than she did? It’s your affliction, lady — own it!

4 | As much as we love Talking Dead (and the awesome Michonne scene that got sneak-peeked last Sunday)… Drew Carey as a guest?! OK, so he’s a “fan,” but… really?

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5 | Through one-and-a-half seasons now, has Falling Skies‘ Weaver had a single directive or order upheld? It was good to see him call out Tom on that, for once. Also: How hot were Hal and Margaret? When you’ve got us screaming “Kiss!” at the flatscreen, you’re doing something right.

6 | How surprising was it that Savannah Guthrie didn’t toss her cookies during the Today segment where her brother, a member of the Vermont Air National Guard, took her on a Top Gun-style flight? And while we’re at it, doesn’t the entire Today crew seem to be gelling a bit better with the goofy Guthrie playing opposite Matt Lauer?

7 | The Closer fans, did you get a pit in your stomach when that rape victim failed to finger Stroh at the bar, and instead ID’d the employee? Here’s hoping that loathsome legal lizard gets his comeuppance in the finale!

8 | Is it fair to say that Amy Sherman Palladino’s better half, Daniel — who penned this week’s Bunheads — likes Game of Thrones? Also, can we ditch the dance kiddies and just make the show about Michelle and Fanny?

9 | In the pantheon of TV’s Least Convincing Law Enforcement Agents, where does Rachael Leigh Cook’s Perception character rank? The Top 5?

10 | Anyone else grossed out by the egregious rib-eating during Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby? When there are some of the finest specimens of athleticism doing their thing on the field, we really don’t need to see cutaways of ESPN’s John Kruk burying his face in Kansas City’s finest.

11 | With Bad Girls Club: Mexico featuring fist fights and screaming matches in its season premiere, can we expect half the cast to wind up rotting in an Apodaca prison by the time this installment finishes filming?

12 | At what precise point did Emily become Pretty Little Liars‘ most engaging character?

13 | Was there anything more breathtaking on TV this week than Neal’s New York City sandcastle on White Collar? (But what’s the over/under on the number of hours it took him — or maybe some island minion? — to erect that display?) And on a scale of 1 to Magic Mike, how utterly shameless was the show’s presentation of a wet-and-shirtless, then wet-and-showering, Neal?

14 | Will it be disappointing — or refreshing — if Sarah Clarke’s Covert Affairs character turns out not to be a treasonous mole a la 24‘s Nina? And how does Annie Walker’s hair manage to still look fab even with bits of Jai all over it? (Is it because Jai himself sported a nice coiffe?)

15 | Wasn’t it starting to feel like The Glee Project was just beating up on Charlie for no reason? And how come there was no mention of his personal story about living with ADD? (After all, isn’t it an “inspiration contest”?)

16 | Wasn’t it awfully convenient for Dallas to have the key to grandpa’s safe deposit box right there in his old desk long forgotten in storage? And wasn’t it awfully convenient for said safe deposit box to in fact contain the deed aka legal loophole Bobby needed? And can Josh Ross please stop talking mean to the obviously crazy lady Marta?

17 | How badly do we wish that Yvonne Strahovski could use her adorable/sexy Aussie voice on Dexter?

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18| We ask with a heavy sigh: This whole Elementary vs. Sherlock” debate is going to be waged all TV season long, isn’t it?

19 | Didn’t So You Think You Can Dance‘s hugely pregnant choreographer Tabatha D’uomo look like she was about to give birth right there in the audience of this week’s episode? (Were you with us in kind of wishing she’d push an already excellent episode over the top by going into labor on live TV?)

20 | Were Quddus and Robin Thicke purposely trying to insult Jason Farrol by suggesting his success on Duets is largely due to teenage girls? Or was it just their roundabout way of praising his looks?

21 | Can we have Rookie Blue arrested for damn near destroying us with the final Oliver/daughter Izzy scene?

22 | Has anyone more blatantly lobbied for a pay bump than American Idol‘s hemming, hawing Jennifer Lopez? What’s the saying — quit or get off the pot?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

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