Bones' David Boreanaz on Cryptic Tweets, Clock Mystery, Booth/Brennan Wedding and More!

Oh Bones fans, prepare yourself.

When star David Boreanaz chatted with TVLine at Comic-Con, he noted that Booth’s anger at Brennan’s sudden disappearance (with their daughter, no less) has left the FBI agent “upset.” And though you almost can’t hear him say it, the actor definitely utters these words: “There could be a break-up.”

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Doesn’t bode well for B&B’s wedding hopes, eh? The cagey thesp also played coy regarding some tweets that hinted he might not stick around if the drama continued past its upcoming Season 8. But don’t worry, fans, we got a definitive answer. “Of course!” he told us. “If…” (You’ll have to watch the video to get the rest.)

Press play on the video below for more about a new face at the Bureau, the classic way Boreanaz describes Christine’s conception and just what was going on with the alarm clock in the season finale.

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