Homeland @ Comic-Con: Carrie Spies a Comeback, While Brody Is Still in Denial Mode

Showtime kicked off its Dexter panel at Comic-Con with an extra treat: an unbelievably riveting first look at Season 2 of Homeland. The promo, for now, is not available for public consumption, but we took a peek and here are a few scooplets from the acclaimed drama’s sophomore run (premiering Sunday, Sept. 30).

WHEREABOUTS REVEALED | How has Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison, who was persona non grata with the CIA at the end of Season 1, been filling her “hiatus”? In relatively normal and healthy fashion, actually. In the trailer, Carrie can be seen teaching at an unknown location and enjoying some downtime (and gardening!) with her family.

DENIALVILLE, POPULATION 1 | As TVLine previously reported, Brody (Damian Lewis) is now holding office — and still maintaining his innocence. “I am not a terrorist,” he said to that shifty Veep (though in what context wasn’t entirely clear). “I’m a U.S. congressman.”

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SHE’S BAAACK | Unforeseen terrorist activity in Israel is the catalyst for bringing Carrie back into the fold. “I hate myself for even asking, but I need your help,” Saul says to his former mentee over the phone. She accepts, of course, but her new mission will take an emotional toll. “Being wrong about Brody really f–ked me up,” Carrie cries in one tease, “because I have never been so sure and so wrong.” Added showrunner Howard Gordon of the season-opening installments, “The first two episodes take place in Beirut and we actually shot it in Israel… That’s where we’ll find some of the [early] action taking place.”

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