Katie Holmes: 9 Ways To Reignite the Dawson's Creek Alum's Love Affair With TV

Katie Holmes is a free woman — meaning, that as she embarks on this new chapter in her life, and on a new coast, the time is right for her to reconsider and recommit to her acting career (and in doing so hopefully steer wide of anything else like Jack & Jill). So, short of How I Met Your Mother‘s Slutty Pumpkin getting her own show, we’ve got some ideas of where on TV she could (or should) turn up.

For Katie Holmes, the Dawson’s Creek Alum | The real James Van Der Beek has made no secret of his wish for some semblance of a Creek reunion (which, according to some rumors, Tom Cruise always put the kibosh n). So who’s to say that the “James Van Der Beek” of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 doesn’t bump into his newly single former costar in a November sweeps episode? Of course, an even more far-out alt reality could take place on Fringe, were Joshua Jackson’s Peter to get a blast from the past there in the year 2036.

For Katie Holmes, the Thespian With Something to Prove | Like bacon, The Good Wife makes everything – or in this case, every guest star – better, so we’d be quite curious to see how the right role could show us something new and exciting about TV’s erstwhile Joey Potter. Plus, the CBS drama films in New York City, which Holmes is now calling home. Our verdict on that: Convenient. But if Holmes really wants to put sweet Miss Potter behind her (à la her risque, premarital turn in The Gift), some time with the Sons of Anarchy would surely rev her acting engine.

For Katie Holmes, the Musical Theater Vet | Let’s consider other shows that shoot in the Big Apple. NBC’s Smash, for example, often films right in the neighborhood of TVLine’s Times Square offices. Since Holmes boasts musical theater roots (already put on display during visits to Eli Stone and So You Think You Can Dance), maybe Bombshell fleshes out its Marilyn/JFK angle and Holmes cameos as First Lady Jackie, the role she played in The Kennedys?

For Katie Holmes, the Aspiring Fashionista | Holmes has her new Holmes & Yang fashion line to promote. And since she’s already got a Project Runway guest judge gig under her belt (to air next season) — and we wouldn’t wish the hokey Fashion Star upon anyone — let’s weave her  careers together by injecting her into Eleanor Waldorf’s world on the NYC-based Gossip Girl. (Better yet, did someone say spin-off?!) Or, if daughter Suri happens to be an ABC Family kid, maybe Mom can play herself on Jane By Design?

For Katie Holmes, TVLine’s Plaything | Hear us out: We’d cast Holmes on Revenge as the real Emily Thorne – meaning that the tough gal with the odd accent who Amanda met in juvie and borrowed a name from was already living off a third party’s stolen identity! This one we like if only because it’d make writing recaps for everyone pretty much impossible (e.g. “FauxNoManda then told Amily and Emanda….”). Plus, what recent divorcee wouldn’t want to be on a show titled Revenge?
     Or, speaking of Eli Stone (above), maybe the actress could reunite with Jonny Lee Miller on another New York City-based production, CBS’ Elementary. After all, that one writes its own on-air promos: “Holmes… and Holmes!” (And that, friends, is why we’re not in the on-air promo business.)

Would you like to see Katie Holmes back on TV? If so, and if not on any of our suggestions, where, and as whom?

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