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Double Dexter Trouble: Showtime Unveils Two Sexy (?) Promos, Teases More Turmoil For Deb

As the seventh season premiere of Dexter draws nearer, Showtime continues to dangle in front of our Dark Passenger-lovin’ faces the carrot that asks, “How will Deb react upon learning Dex’s secret?” But, as the two latest promos for the new season make abundantly clear, there are much larger things at stake here — namely, the fact that Deb’s romantic interest in her “brother” may continue despite revelations of his murderous pasttime.

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The following (borderline erotic) teasers feature the “siblings” writhing around separately (and suggestively) on a black bed, while Dexter’s signature voiceover ponders what’s to come. Will Deb learn to accept his true identity (“I found a way to live with my secret, but I never had a choice… Does she?”)? Or will he have to take deadly drastic measures to protect himself (“The only thing worse than not knowing what she’ll do is not knowing what I’ll do.”)?

Either way, we’re in — and these two creeptastic promos have a little something to do with it. Press PLAY below to watch for yourselves, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the hot (or not?) spots.

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