First Look: Beauty and the Beast's Comic-Con Art

Given that Comic-Con is bubbling over with beauties and beasts (and geeks!) of its own, it’s only fitting that The CW is bringing its new fall series Beauty and the Beast to partake in this year’s festivities.

As a show of just how beauty-ful the procedural really is, the network and CBS TV Studios have created some very cool artwork featuring series leads Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan, to hand out to (potential) fans at The Con. (Note: As you tilt the lenticular artwork, Ryan’s eyes change to a more menacing glare, while the words “Beauty” and “Beast” appear alongside the respective photos.)

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For more Beauty and the Beast-themed fun at Comic-Con, be sure to check out a panel and screening of the pilot on Thursday, July 12 at 3:30 pm in Ballroom 20. And for a chance to meet Kreuk and Ryan, head to their autograph signing following the panel at the CW/CBS Booth at 5 pm on the Convention Center floor.