Exclusive: Breaking Bad's Limited Edition Comic- Con Poster Strongly Hints at Return of [Spoiler]

Breaking Bad‘s Comic-Con poster should be slapped with a giant spoiler warning.

The stark Season 5 graphic print features Walt and Jesse engaged in a fierce staring contest as a man that looks a lot like junkyard proprietor “Old Joe” proudly displays a huge industrial object.

VIDEO | Watch Breaking Bad‘s Season 5 Trailer Now

What does it all mean?! I have a strong hunch fans lucky enough to gain entry into next Saturday’s season premiere screening and Q&A at Con will find out. In the meantime, hit the comments with your own theories.

Important FYI: The extremely limited edition poster (only 200 were made!) will sell for $50 and be available beginning Saturday at the Golden Apple Comic/G1988 booth (No. 405). The cast (including leads Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul) and series creator Vince Gilligan are scheduled to do a signing at the Sony booth Saturday at 10 am.

Breaking Bad Season 5

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