The Glee Project Recap: Adapt It to Win It

glee project shannaThe Glee Project threw some curveballs at its contestants during “Adaptability” week, and now we’re throwing one at you: Your regular recapper Michael Slezak is taking a much-deserved vacation, so instead of his witticisms, you’ve got me. And now, in the spirit of this week’s episode, let’s adapt. (Never fear, he’ll be back next week!)

Things started off with Aylin and Charlie making a promise to start fresh and keep things strictly friendly. The idea was to use the energy and time they spent on snuggling to, you know, maybe focus on the reason they’re here and try to win the competition instead. The plan had differing results for them though. In the homework assignment – individual performances of Alanis Morrisette’s “You Outta Know” – Aylin soared, impressing guest mentor Kevin McHale. (As deserved as Aylin’s win was, anyone else miffed we didn’t see more of Nellie singing a song that seemed perfectly tailored to her voice?) McHale also loved sweet Ali’s transformation during her solo while I just thought she looked angry in a crazy, boil-your-rabbit way. Meanwhile, Blake just seemed to be standing there, a sign of things to come.

Then it came time for the music video challenge. But to keep the contestants on their toes – and give them a taste of Glee‘s fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants production schedule – they weren’t given the song choice until they got into the recording studio. And even when they learned the title – Jessie J’s “Price Tag” – most were still clueless. “I don’t know this song from Adam,” admitted Shanna. Surprisingly, the switcheroo did wonders for many of the hopefuls. Abraham, however, was another story. It seems Abraham does not know Adam either.

In keeping with the adaptability theme, the kids also had to learn choreography on the day of the shoot, but if you ask me, they got off lucky. Those dance steps just looked like a bunch of swaying from side to side. And in the other half of the video, they were sitting! Still, Blake had trouble mastering the so-called moves, while Mario was disappearing during his acting bits. His response: “I am really confused because I am a really good actor. I know my ability.” Stay humble, Mario!

Aylin kept her winning streak going, getting called back first, along with Shanna, Michael and Lily. Then the mentors threw a final and pretty genius adaptability twist at the remaining contenders: There would be no Bottom 3, but rather a Bottom 6, and they’d have to sing duets! Ali and Abraham were woefully mismatched in a cover of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night.” Ali’s voice seems like it’s better suited for a Broadway musical – Legally Blonde? – than Glee, but Ryan loved her sexy, comedic chops. Once Mario and Charlie got past their issues on how to tackle their number, they actually did a really solid job on Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” Finally, last week’s “Sexuality” couple Nellie and Blake got themselves a perfect song: Foreigner’s “Waiting For A Girl/Boy Like You.” These two definitely have chemistry. I can totally see a Grease-esque storyline on Glee where Blake’s popular jock brings shy girl Nellie out of her shell. Ryan urged them to be more aggressive, but they both have something, he added.

So the Bottom 3 came down to: Abraham, who was eclipsed by Ali (I forget he’s there most of the time, honestly); Mario, who’s a lackluster thespian; and Charlie, who’s still making Ryan nervous about his ability to be professional. (Staying “in character” as a douche-y rich kid for the entire video shoot, and ultimately making everything about himself, did not pay dividends for Charlie.) In the end, Mario got the boot, but not before making another it’s-not-me-it’s-you excuse, calling the video direction “confusing.”

Not confusing? Ryan’s decision to put the kibosh on Mario’s Glee dreams. And just like that, we’re down to nine contestants.

What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Did the right contestant go home? Or should Abraham’s less-than-memorable performance have sent him bye-bye? Sound off in the comments!

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