Falling Skies Preview: Ben's Bond With the Skitters 'Will Scare the Hell Out of the 2nd Mass'

While most everyone in Falling Skies‘ 2nd Mass is looking sideways at Tom Mason, given his extended stay on the alien invaders’ spaceship, no one has noticed that Ben (played by Connor Jessup) is, for starters, withholding intel from his scouting expeditions.

Nor, more critically, did anyone see Red-Eye perform some sort of “Jedi mind trick” on the middle Mason lad in the wake of the critters’ lethal assault on Jimmy.

Could it be that Ben is a greater, more stealth threat to the 2nd Mass than his father? “Well, that’s what it seems like at this stage,” says showrunner Remi Aubuchon. “Certainly in this moment.”

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Ben himself, though he lives every day with the eeriness that is the remnant extraterrestrial spikes on his back and the crusting skin that is slowly turning him into one of them, seems unsettled by his odd interactions with the aliens as well. (Pay particular note tonight when he stumbles across a lab where the harnesses are farmed.)

“What surprises Ben and what should surprise us and what will eventually scare the hell out of the 2nd Mass is that he is connected in a way with the Skitters that he never, never thought was possible,” previews Aubuchon.

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So while it’s nice to have super-stamina and other cool tricks in his repertoire, especially as those assets help the resistance whittle down the ETs’ numbers, it all comes with one big out-of-this-world “catch.”

“We thought, ‘OK, he’s got this strength and agility, because he had been harnessed,’ but we thought he was free of the connection” he had when that otherworldly slug was attached to his spine, Aubuchon says. “But in that one particular moment [with Red-Eye], it’s pretty clear that he is very connected to them.”

TNT’s Falling Skies airs Sundays at 9/8c. What’s your current theory on Ben’s glowing spikes? Is he being retained as a sleeper agent for the aliens? Or is this all a bit of misdirection, and his connection will prove helpful to the humans?