Does Glee Project Need Acting Lessons? Feel the Burn-ing Desire? NFL Fumbles? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including The Newsroom, The Glee Project, Anger Management and Suits.Newsroom HBO

1 | Have you ever seen anything so peculiar as the Daytime Emmys’ 100-percent clip-free tribute to All My Children and One Life to Live? Instead, a few platitudes from La Lucci, Cameron Mathison and Erika Slezak are supposed to do the trick? And what cruel person created the monotonous music bed that played throughout the ceremony?

2 | We understand that people tapping away at computers doesn’t make for compelling TV, but don’t modern news outlets collect info via email more than The Newsroom‘s phone-happy producers seem to?

3 | Who else is enjoying Drop Dead Diva more now that Grayson is pining for Jane and not vice versa?

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4 | Does no one else in Falling Skies’ 2nd Mass remember the crazy lady (played by Blair Brown) who was actually doing the Skitters’ bidding? So who can blame Weaver for being skittish about Avery? Also: Did Jimmy forget to put on his “red shirt” before that last, doomed excursion?

5 | Was Oscar winner Shirley MacLaine’s line reading a bit stilted in that first preview clip from her upcoming Downton Abbey arc? And are we the only ones who fantasized about Dame Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess retorting, “Welcome to the D.A., bitch!”

6 | Maura Tierney, Nathan Lane and Kristen Chenoweth all on The Good Wife? Will next year’s Emmys have a single Guest Star in a Drama spot available for any other shows?

7 | Bunheads, we defended you before, but what was with this week’s overly drawn-out, ridiculous private road gag/storyline? And when is Michelle going to start teaching at the dance studio already?Pretty Little Liars

8 | Can we all agree that Pretty Little Liars‘ Hastings family — minus Spencer — is comprised of the absolute worst people? And logistical Q: How the heck did “A” use the trackpad on his/her MacBook while wearing leather gloves? We want in on that action, too, but… oh yeah, it’s not possible.

9 | If the goal of The Glee Project is to cast the mothership’s next great cast member, wouldn’t it be great to see a few more acting challenges during the course of the season? Isn’t the ability to memorize and convincingly deliver lines in character is probably the No. 1 requirement for the job?

10 | Was it just us, or did Love in the Wild‘s Yanina look like she might be having a case of “buyer’s remorse” when her partner Ken raged against skeevy Jesse during this week’s couples’ choice ceremony?

11 | Marg Helgenberger as a Design Star judge? So where can William Petersen turn up — Top Chef?Craig Ferguson

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12 | Can CBS please splurge on emergency backup generators for its studios in L.A., so they can keep the lights on during the local news and The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson?

13 | Are none of the Dallas dudes able to grow a beard beyond peach fuzz? Or is that the new style? And how mad were you when J.R. interrupted wispy Elena just as she was about to dig into a hearty breakfast?

14 | Given the rigidity of her tutu and So You Think You Can Dance‘s penchant for dancer injuries, were you surprised when both of Eliana Girard’s partners made it through their routine unscathed during Season 9’s first performance show? And does Nigel Lythgoe love or hate Alexa Anderson? On the one hand, the whole “breaking her spirit/watching her rebirth” edit has given Alexa an inordinate amount of screen time heading into the voting rounds. But on the other, we can’t be the only ones already fatigued by the sight of her on-the-brink-of-tears face.

15 | Henry Winkler is a mensch, but is anyone else tired of his character on Royal Pains?

Anger Management16 | Doesn’t the estimable Barry Corbin seem out of place in Anger Management’s ensemble? (Conversely, Selma Blair is pretty perfect casting.) And all told, were you surprised by how “tame” Mr. Sheen’s new show was?

17 | What’s funnier: The impossible-to-interpret NYC parking rules signs on Louie, or the fact that they aren’t at all far from the truth?

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18 | How about a Suits spinoff starring Harriet Specter and Michelle Ross, called Skirts?

19 | How does one get Jenna’s boy “problems” on Awkward? Talk about a wealth of riches!

20 | Did Burn Notice‘s prison visitation scene — and the tears that came with it, on both sides of the glass — have you screaming for a Michael/Fi prequel movie à la The Fall of Sam Axe?

21 | Were you irked by the otherwise lovely Jennifer Nettles’ assumption that if Duets‘ Jason Farol advances to Week 7, he’ll have teen-girl voters to thank? After all, his vocals were actually good this week.

22 | In the NFL’s endeavor to avoid Sunday game overlap, was it ever considered to start the first games sooner? Seriously, does anyone truly think The Mentalist will ever start before 10:30 on the East Coast?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!