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What is Pauley Perrette saying about her NCIS future? Will a Scandal-ous romance continue to sizzle? Is Fairly Legal‘s fate fairly questionable? Are Covert Affairs all in order? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from fall and summer shows.

NCIS | Traditionally, NCIS starts up production in early July, so one would hope that word will break soon about Pauley Perrette, Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray signing on for Season 10. But when we saw Perrette on Tuesday night at the Thirst Gala, she was (charmingly) coy. Asked where things stand with her negotiations, all she would say is: “I love my job!” And as for what the premiere might look like, given that most every character had been left in jeopardy, there was little to dish. “We’ve seen no scripts — the cast has seen nothing – so we have no idea what’s going on,” she shared. “We’ll see.” On Perrette’s wish list if she does re-sign is further exploration of Abby’s relationship with her brother, which was touched on last fall. “The fans want that too,” she said, “so I think that will happen.”

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Royal Pains | Nancy is among many who wrote in to ask, “Is Jill Flint really gone from Royal Pains?” The short answer is yes, the Africa storyline is legit and will keep the Jills off the USA Network drama for an indeterminate amount of time – though the door has been left open for a someday return. (The longer answer can be found in this TVGuide.com Q&A with the EPs.)

Scandal | Shonda already addressed this hot topic, but it’s still good to hear from the President of the United States himself — aka Tony Goldwyn — that despite whatever agreement was hammered out the First Lady in the Season 1 finale, “We are not done with Fitz and Olivia.” As the actor shared with me, “I have a feeling that the audience is really invested in that relationship, and it’s a great counterpoint to the procedural aspects of the show. Plus it’d be very dissatisfying to go, ‘Oh, OK, that’s not going to work out, so let’s move on.’ No, there’s another round at least for Olivia and Fitz.” Even though the former agreed to steer clear of the latter? “Knowing how Shonda made such bold moves in Season 1, I’m sure she’s got big moves for Season 2,” Goldwyn smiled. “There will be something extreme that throws them back together. That’s my prediction.”

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Fairly Legal | My mailbox overfloweth with fretting over the fate of this legal drama, which aired its Season 2 finale earlier on June 15. “I am dying to know if Fairly Legal is going to be renewed,” says one reader, Jenna. “They completely addicted me in Season 2!” The good news is that the rejiggered sophomore run was well received by USA Network, as well. “We love the creative of it, and having Ryan Johnson in there [as Ben] to play off Sarah Shahi’s character has brought a new life to it,” network co-president Chris McCumber told me at the NYC premiere of Political Animals. “So we’re really liking it.” Alas, it’s still to soon to make a call on renewal. “You know us — we take a long time to decide,” McCumber admitted. “We want to see all the numbers come in.”

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Covert Affairs | Jacquie writes: “Even as wonderful as you are, I know you can’t bring back The Finder… so could you give me anything on Switched at Birth or Covert Affairs? Please?!” Oh, you had me at “wonderful.” I’m going to choose “B,” Covert Affairs, if only because I just watched the season premiere – though frankly it’s almost impossible to talk about, or to even tease, given what happens in the first five minutes. Let’s just say a lot of changes are afoot, including 24 alum Sarah Clarke stepping in Nina Lena, Annie’s plucky new boss. And yes, Auggie is back from Eritrea, though little is said about that visit with Season 2 squeeze Parker. On the action front, Annie’s work takes her (and the show) to Morocco, where one sequence evokes the latest Mission: Impossible movie. (Think: sand.)

90210 | A couple quick casting notes here for Season 5: Arielle Kebbel is due back for at least a few episodes, which can only mean trouble. “You never know what will happen with Vanessa,” the actress notes, “and I’m looking forward to seeing what she stirs up next. Dun-dun-dun!” Also, Josh Zuckerman, who plays Max, is officially on recurring status. (Good for him that Naomi crashed the wedding, right?)

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Warehouse 13 | Ryan raises a question via email: “I read that Syfy will only be airing 10 of the 20 episodes of Warehouse 13‘s fourth season this summer. Are they really going to wait until next summer to air the second half?” I got an answer back on this just as I was putting the Inside Line to bed, and that second wave of 10 episodes is in fact set to launch in April of 2013 — so not quite “next summer.”

The Closer | “I cannot wait for The Closer to start again,” @KitKat5695 tweets. “Any teases you can share?” I’ve got an in-depth, grab-a-Kleenex goodbye Q&A with Kyra Sedgwick coming closer to the TNT hit’s July 9 return, with six final episodes. But for now I’ll remind that Phillip Stroh is back in the premiere and series finale, as slithery as ever, while Kyra and I both lamented that there will be no similar encore for the other One That Got Away, firebug Bill Croelick (played by Jason O’Mara). Oh, and Gabriel has a girrrlfriennnd… though her occupation leaves something to be desired, as far as his detective peers are concerned.

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Psych | “You have told us a lot about next season’s episodes,” Emma writes, “but are we going to see Jules’ ex-boyfriend, Scott (played by Josh Braaten)?” I am told that there are no plans at this time for Scott to resurface, Emma, but I can come back at you with this bit of (potentially) good news: Though at the time that I posted our “What Will You Watch?” fall TV polls, I was hearing that Psych might not be back until winter, there is a chance you will see Shawn and Gus sooner. “We’re looking at fall right now,” USA co-prez Chris McCumber told me. “You never know, but fall is looking good.”

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