What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

The Assistant Abby ElliottRob Michael Hugel (I Hate Being Single) turns up on a quirky vlog to give dating advice, the online arm of Lorne Michaels’ production company premieres two new web series with Saturday Night Live stars, and First Dates’ Toby Harris (Seth Morris) might actually land a second date.

Coffey Chat | If you miss Hugel (I Hate Being Single), this is the perfect way to get your RMH fix. He offers up tips on dating with Shannon Coffey on her web show Coffey Chat. None of the advice is what you would call practical, but it’s all chuckle-worthy.

Burning Love | Mark (Ken Marino) has a one-on-one with the cougar of the house, 84-year-old Agnes (Helen Slayton-Hughes). Will she be sent home to Sunny Acres or will Mark give her his hose?! Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) also returns as Mark’s therapist.

First Dates | A self-help junkie suggests Toby read The Secret and make a vision board so he can pull himself out of his unhappiness rut. Aptly titled “Optimism,” this episode ends on a hopeful note.

The Front Desk | 30 Rock’s John Lutz stars in this new web series about the wacky things that can happen at the front desk of a hotel. Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader guests in the first episode.

The Assistant | Abby Elliott (Saturday Night Live) plays an oblivious executive searching for a new assistant to help her with things like “how money works.”

What are your faves? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!

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