Damages First Look: Is [Spoiler] Dead?!

We’ve got to give it to Damages: It’s a pretty gutsy move to show one of your main characters, bloodied and apparently not breathing, in a preview of your final season.

That’s precisely what the DirecTV drama has done in this recently released clip; the video ends with Rose Byrne’s Ellen staring blankly at the sky after an apparent fall from a rooftop. Might the young lawyer have raised her last objection… ever?

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The preview’s chock-full of interesting visuals, including shots of new cast members Ryan Phillippe and Jenna Elfman interspersed with explosions, as well as a quick flash of Elfman’s character in the tub she teased to TVLine earlier this year. And, of course, we see Glenn Close’s Patty, who menacingly asks Byrne, “You wanna end this once and for all?” Yowza.

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments to give us your take on the vid!


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