The Wire Creator: Musical Adaptation Is 'Hilarious'

The Wire The MusicalWhat happens when one of the greatest TV series ever made is set to music? You get The Wire: The Musical, a new Funny or Die original that apparently rubbed David Simon, the creator of the gritty, Baltimore-based drama, the right way.

Chockablock with cast members such as Michael Kenneth Williams (reprising his role as Omar), Sonja Sohn (Kima), Larry Gillard Jr. (D’Angelo Barksdale), Andre Royo (“Bubbles”) and Felicia Pearson (“Snoop”), the unexpected spoof — released on the acclaimed HBO drama’s 10th anniversary — earned a review of “Hilarious” from Simon via his blog.

“Felicia’s turn alone is worth the time,” he added. “Ya hair look good, Snoop.”

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