Pretty Little Liars Boss Talks Season 3 Secrets (Ezra's Got 'Em) - and the Return of Maya?!?

Hip hip hoor’A’! Pretty Little Liars launches its much-anticipated third season tonight (8/7c, ABC Family), and exec producer Oliver Goldstick loaded us up with all the scoop on what’s in store for the ladies and gents of Rosewood.

“There’s a lot of stuff raining down from the sky after that explosive finale,” he tells TVLine. “And we spend about three or four episodes just sorting through all of that mess.”

Messy as it may be, Goldstick assures us that everything set up last season will be addressed in the coming episodes, including “finding out who was the Black Swan, and also who is part of the ‘A’ syndicate… Is ‘A’ actually more than one person? And is Mona in fact controlling these people from behind ‘bars,’ or is Garrett the one doing that?”

As for the looming mystery of whether or not Maya is really dead — and if that was actually her body being rolled out of the DiLaurentis house in the finale — the EP says, “I’m not teasing with this: You have not seen the last of Maya.” (And yes, we did ask if he meant via flashback, and to that we received a firm “no.”)

And that’s all just the tip of the Little Liars iceberg. Here’s what else Goldstick reveals about Season 3:

TVLINE | Talk a little about where the show picks up and how the girls are handling life post-Mona.
It’s five months later, and there’s still a lot to recover from for these girls. The only thing that’s any comfort for them at all is the fact that Garrett is behind bars.

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TVLINE | Emily is arguably the most messed up by the whole situation, given Maya’s presumed death.
Yeah, she’ll meet Maya’s cousin [played by Sterling Sulieman], and he throws her for a loop. In Maya’s absence, he represents something; he’s a sexy, sweet guy and Emily can’t help but develop feelings for him, too.

TVLINE | And is her onetime crush, Paige,  still in the picture?
She’s back in the mix, too… This could change, but I think for now she’s trustworthy and cares for Emily a great deal.

TVLINE | How are things going for “Ezria” now that they are out in the open? Is it smooth sailing?
Yes and no, because Aria’s got parents on very different pages when it comes to the Ezra Fitz of it all. Ella perpetrates a bit of a lie in an early arc, which actually ends up bonding her to Ezra. She was already more tolerant of him than Byron was, as we know, so it’s not a big reversal, but they end up bonding further. But we’re going to find out that Ezra is a pretty little liar, too.

TVLINE | No! Not our sweet Ezra.
Oh my god, he’s omitted some important things. He has not been straightforward… We are also going to meet his mom and his brother.

TVLINE | Speaking of family, what’s happening with Spencer and her brood?
There’s a tectonic shift in the Hastings home when her parents do something very shocking. Wren is also back in the picture and doing his rotation at Radley Sanitarium, so Hanna’s going to have quite a few encounters with him. She needs him because she clearly wants to talk to Mona.

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TVLINE | Does that mean trouble for “Haleb”?
There may be some “Haleb” issues on the horizon. Now that Tyler Blackburn is a series regular, he has bonding scenes with other Liars. He and Spencer actually become quite close, but I’m not saying romantically. He just has more exposure this season.

TVLINE | What can you tease about the baddies of Rosewood: Jenna, Mona, and Lucas?
Something happened over these five months, and Lucas has gone a little dark on us… but we don’t know what it is. He’s a more ragged version of the character we’ve known. Right now, Mona is under lock and key, so she’s not really an antagonist for the girls. But you are going to see some growth. Is she getting better or more mentally ill is going to be the question, and she’s going to keep us guessing. And whether Jenna’s just been wrongly pegged as the black widow of Rosewood or whether she’s been victimized herself is going to be a big question in Season 3… and [the answer] is a game changer for us.